Rose Hathaway

It's a story about a girl who's been teased her whole life, but then one day she decides to put an end on it.


2. The story

It all started a normal wensday morning did i say this is my least favorit day of the week why? Let me tell you. Just like alot other schools my school is obsessed with sports and wensday morning i have to go through 3 hours of toture not because i dont like training cause i do i train every single day, but the difference is that i train in fighting i could literally beat up every guy on my school, but the idea they have of training is chearleding, soccer and baseball not that, that is a bad thing cause i do like playing both soccer and baseball, the problem is just that no one ever wants me on their team cause im just the weird girl so i normally i just sid on the side and watch everyone else play which im actually okay with, but every single time our teacher calls me lazy and says i have to be more active so i always end up with running around or doing stupid exercises while everyone laughs and makes fun of me, but it's not that bad anymore cause i just got a new set of earphones so now i can shoot them out with music plus one of my best friends play baseball and is actually really good at it so he normally tells people to stop making fun of me he is also the one who learnt me to play baseball and im learning him to fight he's the only one who knows i can fight or he was until that wensday. It was after training that day we were in the shower as always, but apperently everyone had decided that they wanted to make fun with me like always witch didn't really bother me cause i was used to it, but that day i was wearing my medaljon i got when i was little i normally didn't wear it on wensday because i knew i had to take it of, but i was going somewhere after school and i had to wear it. So i was going in the locker room and over to where my bag was, but it was gone and instead of it there were a note that read "Come down to the bridge if you want your bag again." Oh yeah did i mention that the school was near a river. The bridge was 9 meters over the water and there was lots of rocks there so no one knew exactly how deep there was right there. So i went down to the bridge and everyone was there, in the middle of the bridge thee populare stood with my bag so i went out on the bridge and told them to give it bag and they just started laughing and said: "if you want it come take it" so i went over to take it, but just before i could he threw it to someone else who then threw it to a third person, but he didn't catch it so it went over the bridge and down the river and they just started laughing and saying ups, but i got so mad i went over and punched the one who throw it first right in the head and then i went over to the edge and got up i heard people shouting things like "shes crazy" and "shes not going to jump shes to scared shes just a baby she only wants attention!" Where to i turned my face to him at said: " you wanna bet." And then i jumped down in the river and i could tell by the screams and gisps that they didn't think i would do it. I only swam shortly cause luckily my bag had gotten pushed into the shore so i swam into it and then got out of the water you couldnt see the bridge from here so i decided to scare everyone cause i was really angry so i went up through a back road and and up to the bridge again. When i got up there i just shouted "what wanna see if im dead well bad news for you im alive and im pissed!" I could see from the faces people gave me that they were scared and they had a very good reason. I went through the mass and out to the middle of the bridge where the populare were and the one i had punched stepped forward and said "Well guess what so am i" and my only respons were "yeah what are you gonna do about it" he went closer to me and was about to hit me when someone stepped infront of me and stopped him, but not just anyone it was my mentor Demitri who had been my teacher in fight the last half year and i had to admit i didn't like him at first, but i was starting to crush on him. The only thing he said was "i wouldn't do that if i was you, you dont know this, but Rose practice fight and have done it her whole life be happy i stopped you before it was to late." And his reaction was "yeah like a girl could ever beat me." Which just made me even mader so i went over to him and flipped him around as easy as if he had been a pillow and to my surprise everyone cheered at me, but to be honest i just think it was because they were afraid og me. After that i went home to change my clothes cause i was soking weat and so was my changing clothes so that meant i got to skip 4th period, but after what happend it was properbly good and it was nice when i came back to school i could tell something had changed and my best friend came up to me and gave me a high five and said i was the coolest person ever and no one would ever tease me again and he was right, after that day people finally started to treat me like a normal girl and it turned out that our gym teacher had heard about it and had talked to the principal about starting a fight team where people could learn self deffence and the principal said yes so now i teach people self deffence alongside my mentor Dimitri.

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