Rose Hathaway

It's a story about a girl who's been teased her whole life, but then one day she decides to put an end on it.


6. 2 years later

Hello again if you don't already know this by now my name is Rose Hathaway for my whole life i have been living in a smal town in Oregon Minnesota. All my life i have been teased and no one at my school liked me or wanted to talk to me besides my best friend who by the way is called Louis, but that changed 2 years ago when i finally took control over my life, but i already told that story so i want tell that now instead im gonna tell you about what recently happend.

For the last year me and my best friend Louis and our other friends have been going to college in Florida we moved here shortly after we finnished school together with Jack, Maxi, Emily and Violetta or as i call the girls Em and Vilu my best friends in the whole world we meet about a week after the scene on the bridge Maxi and Vilu were both new and btw sibling or more exactly twins, but if you didn't know it you properbly wouldn't believe it cause they don't look like eachother at all, but back to what i was about to tell, where was i, oh yeah now i remember me we have been going to college for the last year and it has been alright except that, well you can say that everything is back to the old and by that i do mean that everyone makes fun of me just like on my other school the difference is just that before i only had Lou to deffend me now i have Lou, Jack, Maxi, Em and Vilu and together we are actually a pretty scary group if we first get mad and a few of the students are a bit afraid of us because they have heard what happend back on my old school and now i can fight, but most of the time we are just normal students, but even though everyone knows that i can fight and so can my friends btw cause i learned them, but even though the populare students still makes fun of us, but moestly they just leave us alone which i am perfectly fine with and so is my friends, but there was one day when where it got to much and that is The story i wanna tell.

Well as i told you before the populare students doesn't really like us and sometimes they teases us which normally doesn't really bother either me or my friends, but that day i just lost my control. It was a typical tuesday it was in 4th period which is our free period we were sitting outside under a big tree making our homework like we always do cause then we don't have as many when we come home and that day was even better cause we had gotten 5th period off to so we had even more time to do our homeworks, but we were already done after 4th period so we just sat down and enjoyed the weather, but after about 15 min Louis got his guitar he had brought with him because we knew we had 5th period off to so he started playing and we all started singing songs and some other students joined us to, but then Sheila the schools must populare girl came alongside the other populare and they started to laugh and yell that Lou should stop playing cause he had none talent and neither did any of us other and then Marcus who is Sheilas boyfriend came over and took Lou's guitar from him and then smached it and that is when i lost my control cause i knew how much Lou loved his guitar so i flew up and the same did my friends and i just went straight over to Marcus and punched him as hard as i could in the head and then kicked him in the stomach then i went over to Sheila and punched her in eye and it was a pretty good hit lets just say that she will need alot of makeup the next while and everyone cheered at me, but then the worst thing happend cause ofcourse one of Sheila's wannabes had run and gotten the principal and ofcourse she had told him that we started and that we were crazy so he called me, Lou, Jack, Maxi, Em and Vilu in his office and we then explained what had happend and luckily we got of with a warning and he told Lou that he shouldn't worry about his guitar Marcus would give him a new.

After that day none of the populare students teased us anymore and we actually ended up becoming friends with Marcus and some of the other populare students cause they turned out not being that bad after all oh and Lou asked me to the prom and i ofcourse said yes and we have been together since and Em and Maxi have also been on a couple of dates together and so has Vilu and Marcus and Jack is seeing a girl named Abby. So everyone is happy and we are enjoying our last year of school and i know that we will always be best friends no matter what happends no one can ever pull me, Lou, Jack, Em, Maxi and Vilu from eachother cause we are family and family sticks together.

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