16 ☁️ Harry Styles

So people run and others do drugs but were all searching for a way to escape reality.


1. about

The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human begin.


Hii so I'm starting a new fanfic and I'm really excited cause I've got everything planned out and it's just perfect. I won't be editing every chapter like normal authors do. I'm just going to edit the chapter when I finish the book.

This contains sexual contents, drug uses, and violence. if your not comfortable with these type of things please do not continue.

If you guys could vote and comment and some feedback I would really appreciate it. And if you guys have any ideas to make my fanfic any better please don't be scared to comment. I don't bite.

And please don't steal my idea. I've worked really hard on this. So please don't.

Thanks hope you enjoy!! 😘

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