Arrow- The Silver Shadow

Oliver Queen may have a new accomplice. Diggle has a goddaughter. Barry Allen saves a mysterious girl and she's connected to all of them. In the night you don't see her, you only see her silver shadow. In the day she's just as sneaky and mischievous. In the twilight she's running on her own rules. Between finding a family with Diggle, becoming the Arrow's protégé, and Barry literally sweeping her off her feet. Lila Cunningham must bend her rules to survive in Star City.

Written by: Raini Nightingale


1. What a Way to Start the Day

Diggle rounded on me. 

"Where've you been for three days?" He demanded. I didn't have time for this. Ollie, Roy, Barry, Sara, Digs, and I were surrounded by at least 3 dozen thugs from the League of Shadows.

"Where've YOU been for three days?" I sassed back. 

I've been working!" Diggle replied. 

"So have I!" I responded. 

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" He asked. 

"Psshh. Nobody goes to school anymore Digs." I told him. He rolled his eyes. 

"Yeah, well, you owe me an apology." He said. 

"Yeah, that's not happing." I smirked as I got to work.

I heard him mutter "I'm surprised you and Ollie aren't related." 

The only thing the bad guys saw, was my silver shadow. 

- Three Days Earlier - 

This whole thing started when I fell of a building. I'm serious, the whole thing started when some stupid robbers started to rob Queen... Whatever you call it. I can't remember the name. 

The robbers were making their escape... On the roof. I mean, come on! What kind of idiot would make an escape by JUMPING OFF A ROOF?! 

Well, I guess I could beat them up. I thought to myself and I ran up the stairs (I hacked the systems I'm just that good). 

When I got to the roof, I heard the boys talking. 

"Way to go boys! We got it!" One yelled. 

"Yeah we did Malcom! Wait, how are we supposed to get down?" Another man asked. 

I took this as an opportunity. I grabbed my pocket knife from my belt and threw it at the only light in on the roof. It was a perfect shot. 

"You don't." I said as I disappeared into the shadows. The boys were looking around, but they couldn't see anything. 

"Who are you?!" One of them demanded. 

"You totally don't want to know." I stated as I crept up behind one of the men, and I grabbed him and threw him to the wall. Then, I disappeared into the shadows.

The other men looked around like crazy. Then, they pulled out flashlights and turned them on. 

I laughed to myself as I pulled out my throwing knives and threw them at the flashlights. The men yelped as the glass shattered. One of them chuckled. 

"The Silver Shadow, eh?" He asked, then turned in my directions. My eyes widened as he took out a bow and aimed his arrow towards me. 

"Too bad it's almost daylight." He laughed as he let go of the arrow. I dodged the arrow, but it was explosive. The explosion blew me backward and  fell off the roof.

Oh what a way to start the day! I thought to myself sarcastically as I tumbled down the building. I saw a red and yellow flash and it caught me "OW!" I yelled. "Easy now, I gotcha baby doll". Said a voice that I knew. 

Barry Allan, AKA the Flash, only I knew that. He was my kinda flirtatious good friend maybe- not- sure- boyfriend-ish-ly yeah. Something like that. "Thanks... ONLY you could've caught me a little lighter!" I yelled.

"I could've dropped you!" He sassed back. 

"I DARE YOU!" I snapped.

 "So what is my lovely doing flying off of Queen Tower after an explosion on the roof?" he asked me, thus changing the subject.

"None of your business." I replied.

Okay I kinda liked him. Okay fine I do like him but I'm too tough to be dating especially when I'm kicking bad guy butt and if some thug found out I'd be in major trouble. 

When we were on safe ground, I ratted Barry out. 

"What are you doing in Star City!?" I questioned. 

"What are you doing in Star City?" He asked back. 

"I asked you first." I folded my arms across my chest. 

"Yes, well, the fact that I asked you second is the best reason that you answer it." Barry stated. I scoffed. 

"That doesn't even make sense!" I told him. He walked closer. 

"Exactly." He whispered in my ear, then he sped away. He left me totally confused. 

What just happened? Did Barry just FLIRT!? Like he did that a lot to me, but that was just playful...Was it? 

I blinked. No, he can't...But could he? I was so confused. Did he like me? 

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