my secret child //N.H\\

Anna Roslee Carver is a "normal" 22 year old and is as happy as ever with her daughter May in her little apartment that she is sharing with her best friend Holly in New York,but something that wasn't quite as normal with her life was that as a 19 year old , she meet Niall Horan and as a boyfriend and girlfriend things started to go really well, and at just the night before the tragedy happened they decided to make love, but the day after Niall said goodbye to Anna and without him going that he had left her alone in the darkness pregnant, but as soon as One Direction comes to New York things start to happen as remembering that May has to be held away from her dad and media.


8. little may


I kissed her soft lips "I love you so much Anna" I whispered in her ear, I looked in her beautiful brown eyes but they looked sad "you hurt me Niall, don't you see, I'm in pain because of you, I cry  every night screaming your name" Anna said with a soft voice her eyes became glossy and tears rolled from her eyes to her cheeks "I'm sorry" I apologized, she shook her head and walked slowly away with her back facing me I wanted to run after her but I couldn't get myself to move "I-I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so fucking sorry, leaving you is the worst mistake I've ever done" I yelled after her but she kept walking "Anna, pleas stay with me, Anna, Anna!" I kept yelling her name, but she kept walking away.

"NIALL!" I woke up, to see an angry Harry "you woke me the fuck up" Harry swore "No I did not" I defended "You yelled after Anna" He said and sat down on my bed "My god, you love her don't you?" Harry asked, my eyes became glossy and I felt warm tears roll down the side of my cheeks "I miss her so fucking much" I cried softly.



"I'm pretty sure you woke up the whole hotel" I added, Liam and zayn came in the door "What is going on?" Zayn asked confused "Niall is missing Anna" I explained "Again?" Liam looked shocked "I thought this was the first time?" I asked "no,he was like this yesterday night, hes been like this almost ever since we came to New York, he hasn't really been himself this couple of day's" Liam said.

"I'm hurting her, the sound of when she screamed my name when I was at her house yesterday, shes haunting my mind" Niall said as more tears came rolling from hes eye to hes cheek for "when  you was at her house, when?" Zayn asked "yesterday" Niall replied "no but how did you get in?" Zayn asked looking confused.

"May let me in her house" Niall said, "wait no who's may?"I asked, I don't think I've ever been as confused as I'm now ever, "Anna's daughter.....our daughter" he said not looking like himself.

"your joking now aren't you, You don't look right" Liam said "No! I'm not joking, I once had sex with Anna but then I needed to leave her and you know why, ok and I'm hurting Anna, May once let me in to their house while Anna was sleeping and we talked a bit but then I heard Anna scream my name so May and I walked to her room and then I saw her,she had tears rolling down her eyes as she kept saying my name and begged me to stay, I never thought I could cause such a beautiful innocent beauty so much pain" Niall said, I didn't know whether to clap because he was officially not a virgin no more and welcome him to the club or hug him.

"Niall I'm making you some food because it seems like you need it and lets talk, ok?" Liam asked, he was really caring, Niall nodded.

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