my secret child //N.H\\

Anna Roslee Carver is a "normal" 22 year old and is as happy as ever with her daughter May in her little apartment that she is sharing with her best friend Holly in New York,but something that wasn't quite as normal with her life was that as a 19 year old , she meet Niall Horan and as a boyfriend and girlfriend things started to go really well, and at just the night before the tragedy happened they decided to make love, but the day after Niall said goodbye to Anna and without him going that he had left her alone in the darkness pregnant, but as soon as One Direction comes to New York things start to happen as remembering that May has to be held away from her dad and media.


7. little may


I looked back at May "May?" I asked, she put her gaze on me and looked at me with her big blue eyes "come and sit with mommy" I said and put my laptop on the table, May crawled up to the couch and sat down in my lap, I help her tight and stroke her hair slowly "do you get sad when mommy cry in her sleep?" I asked, May nodded "why are you crying over this person?" She looked at me with her big blue eyes "well all I can say is, I fell in love with a person and that person hurt my feelings and left me" I explained


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