my secret child //N.H\\

Anna Roslee Carver is a "normal" 22 year old and is as happy as ever with her daughter May in her little apartment that she is sharing with her best friend Holly in New York,but something that wasn't quite as normal with her life was that as a 19 year old , she meet Niall Horan and as a boyfriend and girlfriend things started to go really well, and at just the night before the tragedy happened they decided to make love, but the day after Niall said goodbye to Anna and without him going that he had left her alone in the darkness pregnant, but as soon as One Direction comes to New York things start to happen as remembering that May has to be held away from her dad and media.


4. little may


"Mommy, why did you take me away from daddy?" I asked, Mommy didn't replay, "Anna! Pleas, Let me in for god sake" I heard a voice say, was that daddy? "mommy, who's at the door?" I asked, I had forgotten my anger "No body, Do not open!, did you hear me?" She asked,  I nodded. "Anna! Pleas, let me inn I'm begging you" the voice said. some tears fell from mommy's eyes, If this person makes mommy cry I won't let him in.

"mommy? Is that man outside making you cry?" I asked, she just nodded and hugged me I hugged back "I'm sorry for taking you away from daddy,I-I just had to" She said "Anna? Pleas?........." the person outside the door begged.

 Mommy started to cry more and ran to the bathroom, Holly was in the living room looking at the TV"......May.... May, Open up" The voice said, mommy said that I should not open the door. "May....... What did mammy tell you about me?" He asked.

I didn't replay, what if it wasn't daddy, I ran over to Holly Maybe she could tell if it was Daddy or not, "holly? Someone is trying to speak to me" I said, Holly looked at me with wide eyes.

We walked over to the door. "May..... pleas open up for me" He begged "is it daddy?" I asked "no its not, just go to mommy shes in the bathroom" Holly said.

I walked over to mommy, I knocked on the door "mommy?, are you there?" I asked with a low voice the door opened "come here baby?"she said and lifted me up.



May ran to the bathroom, I knew it was Niall outside the door, I opened the door slowly "Where is May?" He asked as soon as he saw me "hi to you to" I said "Where is May?" He repeated, I looked at the paparazzi's they where all over the place, "she's not your daughter, Niall!" I lied and was about to close the door, when Niall stopped it and stepped inside "why did she call me Daddy?" he asked.

"because some kids in kinder garden showed her a picture of you and said that you was her dad" I replied easy. "why did she say that Anna showed her the picture?" He asked. damn what do i say now? "because Anna showed her the picture of you because May wanted to know who she was... crying after and then May said that you was her dad and Anna said that you where not but May didn't listen, that's why"I lied, Niall was clearly Thinking. "...sorry" He said, and left the house I closed the door and locked it "girls you can come out now, Ni- The man is gone"I said.

they came out hand in hand. "What did you tell him?" Anna asked. I told her what I said while May was in her room. "thank you so much, now we don't need to move" She thanked. "your welcome" I replied.

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