my secret child //N.H\\

Anna Roslee Carver is a "normal" 22 year old and is as happy as ever with her daughter May in her little apartment that she is sharing with her best friend Holly in New York,but something that wasn't quite as normal with her life was that as a 19 year old , she meet Niall Horan and as a boyfriend and girlfriend things started to go really well, and at just the night before the tragedy happened they decided to make love, but the day after Niall said goodbye to Anna and without him going that he had left her alone in the darkness pregnant, but as soon as One Direction comes to New York things start to happen as remembering that May has to be held away from her dad and media.


3. little may

*one day later*


 I logged on twitter to see if Niall had tweeted something, it was only about how happy he was for being back in NYC I logged off.

 "mommy!" May yelled, I ran to her room scared of what had happened, When I came in she was on her feet she ran over to me and hugged my leg.

"I wanna go in the park" She said "ok but first lets go to the mall" I said as I picked her up, she just nodded "is daddy ever coming back?" She asked with hopeful eyes "i don't know" I replied.

15 minutes later We walked out of the apartment and down the street. when we came close to the mall 10 girls was all around someone I looked closer, damn it, it was Niall.

The girls didn't scream at all they talked with calm voices, well that's weird they usually scream.

"daddy!" May screamed as she saw him, everybody snapped their heads over to May, May let go of my hand and ran she ran to Niall. more girls came up to Niall, "Daddy! Mommy and I thought you would never come back" She said with a big smile, I should never have shown her the picture.

Niall smiled at her and picked her up, "I'm sorry but I'm not your daddy" Niall said,  "Niall! She might be your daughter, she looks like you" One girl in the crowd said out loud some girls agreed, I walked fast over to May hoping Niall would not remember me.

"Come May" I demanded  "But Mommy, this is daddy the one who you showed me in the picture" She said. Niall looked at me, his eyes became wider "Anna?" He asked "Sorry, I need to go" I excused before grabbing May out of his arm's.

"Daddy!" She screamed in tears Niall came running after me " is she my daughter?!" Niall asked walking by my side, I didn't  answer, He grabbed May out of my arms, I had to stop.

the Paparazzi was all over, "Anna! Is she my daughter?" He asked again "NO!" I lied, I grabbed May, And ran away as fast as I could which was just as fast as i needed, May cried and tried to get away from my grip.

Niall and 100 fans and paparazzi was outside the door, Niall was in the knocking on my door.

"Anna let me in!" He yelled, in anger, the same anger as when he broke up with me because he thought I Was cheating on him "I saw it all on TV, its all over on TV, twitter, its everywhere. no escaping this time" She said, We need to get away from all of this.

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