Swallowed (Doctor Who FanFic)

The Doctor has just regenerated, he has just made a speech before changing that he will never forget who he was... but has he forgotten the most important thing? Flying his TARDIS.
How will Clara react to this new face and will she help him remember how to fly is spaceship? (Going from end of Time of the Doctor until beginning of Deep Breath)


2. Wrong Century

"Landed safe and sound now off you go handles live your life, be free"

"I'm not Handles, and that doesn't look like London or even 21st century to me"

"Ah yes, a few problems but you'll just have to live it out a couple hundred, maybe thousand years and you'll be back before you know it. Actually I'd quite like to see where I've brought you"

I rush to the door like a child running downstairs to see if santa has come on christmas morning. Upon running outside I stumble across a large, white, boulder in a brown, twiggy, thing. 

"Ah my dear friend come and explore your new homeland!" 

A few moments later Brown hair person steps outside to walk and then stay still by my side.

"Doctor wouldn't you say that ... boulder looks an awful lot like a large egg?"

"Oh don't be silly now rocks can't be eggs! If that were an egg there would be a large dinosaur gobbling us up by now"

She gave a nervous laugh... and a very loud roar.

"That's exactly the noise a dinosaur makes! Couldn't have done it better myself"

"Doctor... that wasn't me" 

"Oh you seemed to have developed a sense of humour... you should get that checked out"

"No Doctor, I'm serious that wasn't me"

I used my eyeballs to look at the ground, where the sun had been lighting it up a minute ago there was darkness. I followed the direction the sun had been coming from just a moment ago... 

"Oh look! There's a big dinosaur!"

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