Swallowed (Doctor Who FanFic)

The Doctor has just regenerated, he has just made a speech before changing that he will never forget who he was... but has he forgotten the most important thing? Flying his TARDIS.
How will Clara react to this new face and will she help him remember how to fly is spaceship? (Going from end of Time of the Doctor until beginning of Deep Breath)


1. Crashing

"What's happening?" I hear the woman who may or may not be my current assistant call.

"We're probably crashing." I respond with a voice sounding very much unlike this person - maybe a human - who is travelling with me.

"Into what?" her voice squeaks slightly showing her fright, well I would be frightened too if I had just changed my face and body by the looks of things - Handles?

"Stay calm. Just one question. Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?"

 As soon as these... speaky things that leave your mouth... words maybe? left my mouth asky questions person turned to having sticky outy eyeballs and the corners of her talky kissy thing dropped. Had I done something wrong?

"Do you not remember? Please Doctor say you remember something."

"Okay now I know regenerations can be harsh but theres no need to let your control freakiness hit a new level"

Handles somehow looked offended by this. Cybermen heads that can somehow regenerate cannot feel up and down feelings... emotions, can they?

"I have not regenerated! You regenerated just a few moments ago."

We locked eyes for a few small timey factors, there was something in my mind that wanted me to remember. Something that recognised who was standing in front of me.

"See you say you haven't changed but look at you! You've certainly done a lot of frowning"

"Doctor! Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and focus on landing us safely"

Mirror? I swiftly turned to my console. I flick the nearest switch, flying this thing is a lottery, and I land the machine with a crash.




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