The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



22. Chapter Twenty One

Sexual Education:


Twenty One


~London’s P.O.V.~


“Hi. So we were asked to do a sort of… biography on one of our classmates. Me with my bad luck, got assigned to Harry Styles.” I folded my hands and began my presentation on Harry. He sat at the back of the class with his pen in hand and looking down. I knew that he wasn’t writing, because his hand has been hanging in the air ever since the teacher called me up to start my oral report.


“In these two months I’ve been through good times with Harry, bad times and even some amazing times, but all good things come to an end right?” I look to Harry and his eyes are trained to the blank paper sitting in front of him on his desk.


“At the beginning of these two months I had my mind set on who I thought Harry was; the badass that everyone was afraid because he spent some time in the juvenile court. Well that’s great, really it is. The truth is though, he is nothing like that. Harry Edward Styles is a caring person. He has a younger sister who he absolutely adores with his entire being. Life hasn’t been too easy on him either though. As everyone probably knows, Harry has recently been through the death of his own mother and many have told stories about him being the one that murdered her, but I’m calling you out on it. He loved his mother. She was his hero even through all the hard times and he was hers.” I heard Harry clearing his throat at the back of the classroom, but I ignored him and continued.


“Many of you might not believe me, because you think you have this idea of what he is like in your mind, but forget about that for a second and listen to me. Harry Styles is a jerk yeah sure, but he also loves his family to the earth’s ends. He is like a father to his baby sister, because his own father didn’t deserve to have Harry in his life. Harry Styles is an amazing person, but he’s also pompous douche bag. He doesn’t listen to what anyone has to say and it’s his way or no way. I can’t really tell you what I think of him. He can be nice, but he can also be heartbreakingly horrible the next moment. He’s bipolar. He’s put me through a lot of nonsense these past couple of months, but he’s also taught me to be strong and stand up for myself. He’s not a badass, he’s just scared to show his true feelings. He’s broken.” I finish my two minute presentation on Harry and look at the class for the first time since starting. Mouths are on the ground as I walk through the throngs of desks until finally sitting down in my seat in front of Harry’s and pulling out my handbook to put away my folders.


“Right, thank you Miss Collins. Next we have Harry Styles with his report on London. Our last speaker for the day.

I watch as Harry rubs his nose with the back of his hand before getting up from his seat and walks to the front of the classroom with a small piece of paper in his hand.


“I thought I had this idea of who London Collins really is. I’m not going to lie and say that I was thrilled when it was announced that I had to spend two months with her, I was pissed off,” He starts his verbal assault and I think to myself,


Here come the insults.


“But now after spending two months with her,  I wish that I could live it over and over for the rest of eternity. This girl changed my entire outlook on life and I couldn’t be happier that I got paired with her. Yeah she’s annoying as hell, but she’s amazing in her own way.” My breath gets caught in my throat when he looks at me from across the class as if I’m the only person in the room.


“I love her.”


~Harry’s P.O.V.~


“I love her.” I shrug my shoulders as if it’s the most normal thing to say. Gasps erupt through the students, but my eyes are focused on London. She hasn’t made eye contact yet and that scares me.


“Well Harry thank you. Please be seated an-“ the bell going off cuts her off and I quickly grab my book and stuff it in my bag to follow after London.


“London!” I shout behind her and she stops in her tracks by the end of the hallway. I jog up to her and catch her arm in my grip to spin her around and look at me.


“Hey, look at me,” He lift her chin to look at me and my knees nearly buckle with acknowledging the tears in her beautiful eyes. “I’m so sorry, baby.” I pull her into my arms and she sobs into my shoulder, her arms going around my back and I slowly move her to behind the lockers to hide her from everyone else.

“It hurts,” She cries and I kiss the top of her head and hold her closer to me, taking note of how much tinier her body has become the last couple of weeks. Has she been eating properly?


“I’ll never hurt you again, London.” I speak the words into her ear and she nods her head. “I promise.” I release a breath and for the first time since I left her, I can finally breathe again. I kiss the top of her head and she holds me tighter, tears still wetting my t-shirt, but I couldn’t care less, because at least she’s in my arms again.




~London’s P.O.V.~


I smile while casually watching Harry tuck Lux into her tiny bed. He bought her a bed not long ago as his was getting too crowded for the two of them to share.


We came back to his place directly after school and it’s now just past 8pm.


“Let’s go outside, let her sleep.” I tell Harry and grab a blanket and pillow from the armrest of the couch. Harry nods, his eyes still never leaving his baby sister. I smile at the sight and start walking down the steps to go outside.


The blanket is laid flat on the concrete and I lay down, my head covering half of the pillow.


“I think she’s asleep.” Harry’s voice startles me as he sits down next to me. His legs are crossed and he’s playing with his hands, a nervous gesture.


“London, I need to tell you something.” He says and moves so he can lie down next to me. His hand rests on my stomach and I instantly put my hand over his.


“And what’s that?” I ask and poke his nose. It crinkles up in an adorable way and I smile.


“I love you.” He says for the second time, this time confirming the words spoken hours ago. I nod and whisper:


“I love you, Harry.” And I do. With every bone in my body.






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