The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



12. Chapter Twelve

Sexual Education:



Chapter Twelve


~London’s P.O.V.~


When my eyes land on an angered Harry, I instantly push away from Niall and move towards Harry, but he flinches back. My heart drops and Harry shakes his head, turning around to walk away. Instinctively I follow after him and grab his wrist when I’m close enough. He spins around and looks at me with a clenched jaw, flared nostrils and raging eyes.


“I am… It’s not uh what it looks like?” I try and Harry scoffs. His arms fold across his chest and I see him looking behind me. My gaze follows and I see Niall still standing there, looking at us from a few feet away.


“Tell him to leave.” Harry says sternly and look back at him with my eyebrows furrowed.


“Harry, I’m not just going to tell him to le-“


“Either you tell him to leave or I will. And trust me you don’t want me to do that.” He growls the last part and I sigh and nod. I make my way over to Niall and don’t keep eye contact as I speek to him.


“Could you… could you please leave? Or go inside or something?” I beg and he looks at me shocked. His blue eyes confused as he stares at me. I meet his gaze and silently plea with him with my eyes. He nods slowly and turns once more to throw a glare Harry’s direction and makes his way inside the library. I walk back to Harry and he looks more than pleased with himself as he spots Niall disappearing into the brick building.


“Come on.” Harry says without looking at me and starts walking another direction. I’m stood baffled for a moment, before starting to follow after the curly headed boy-man.


We walk silently across the road and my mind can’t help but drift to another universe. I start thinking about everything that’s happened these past few weeks. I met Harry officially. I asked him to train me in having intimate activities. My father has laid his hand on my mother and I more than once. I found out about Harry’s past. Harry’s mom committed suicide. Harry disappeared. I met Niall and Perrie and Zayn and we all became friends. As my brain works on keeping up with everything that’s happened, a loud horn interrupts my thoughts, but I’m too slow to comprehend just exactly what’s happening.


Until my body lurches onto the ground and sand and grass fill my mouth and covers my face. I choke out and try ridding my mouth of the awful dirt and wipe at my face. As I look around, I notice various people circling in a crowd. I frown and try standing up. My leg hurts as I wobble over to the increasing crowd of pedestrians. As soon as I see what’s caught everyone’s attention, I feel sick to the stomach. I look down at Harry’s limp body lying on the ground and blood surrounding him. My first instinct is to push past everyone surrounding him and I drop to my knees in front of him. Tears immediately make their way onto my face and I sob racks through my body as I reach for my phone, dialing 911 instantly.



~Harry’s P.O.V.~


“Fucking hell.” I groan. My eyes still closed as I try reaching my arm up, but a pain shoots through my arm and I wail in the pain coursing through me.


“Harry?!” A female voice is instantly next to me and I move to cover my ears, but the piercing pain soon reminds me not to. I try opening my eyes for a few moments, before finally I can see her. She’s looking down at me with a huge grin plastered on her pale face.


“W-hat are you doing here?” I mutter and she looks hurt for a second, but quickly recovers and smiles at me. I scowl and turn my head the other way. Trying to pretend that she’s not here.


“C’mon, you’re not still mad at me are you? The accident was a year ago, Harry.” She sighed and I nearly jumped out of this God damned bed when she spoke the words.


“You nearly got me arrested River. It’s not something people take lightly.” I snapped and she groaned loudly but grabbed a chair, letting it squeak across the floor as she took a  seat next to my bed. I refused to look at her and closed my eyes, trying and wishing to just go back to sleep and that she could just vanish, but that failed miserably when she shook my shoulder.


“I’m sorry okay. I didn’t know that the owner of the store was still there! If I knew, I would have never suggested breaking in, I swear.” She defended. I rolled my eyes and finally turned around to face the brown haired bitch. She looked accomplished with my facing her and I tut.


“You can leave now.” I gave her a sarcastic grin and she rolled her eyes and stood up from her chair.


“Shall I go get that pestering little girlfriend of yours?” She asks and I frown, but soon catch on as to who exactly she is referring to. I nod my head and she leaves without another word, causing me to sigh in relief. Not long after her departure, there’s a knock at the door and I instantly bring my attention to the brown haired girl that I’ve taken a liking to after this past month.


She hovers in the doorway, unsure of to do and I give her a grin, sitting up in the uncomfortable bed and motioning for her to come in. she smiles and practically sprints to me, jumping on the bed and sitting next to me. I pull her closer to me and wince suddenly when I move my shoulder. Doubling over in pain. Alert passes over London’s face and she immediately get’s out of the bed and hurries out of the door. I’m assuming she went to inform a doctor because only a minute later, a male in blue scrubs is in my room with a clipboard and a bottle of pills in hand.


“Harry, I understand you’ve been hit by a car?” He asks cryptically and I nod my head. He smiles and looks down at the wooden chart in his hand and looks back up at me seconds after. “Well good news, you get to leave tomorrow, but I’m going to need to prescribe you some pain killers and you’ll be on bed rest for about a week. Your injuries will recover in no time if you keep taking the pills twice a day one in the morning and one between 7 and 11pm. You’ve got a broken ankle so you’ll need to be using crutches for relatively six to eight weeks. You’re right shoulder is fractured, but that will clear up in just a jiffy and what else… Oh right you will be fatigued for the next couple of days so make sure you have someone taking care of you.” He smiled at me and flipped his little pages back one by one, making sure he checked everything. He leaves with that and London re-enters as soon as he’s out. She sits next to me on the bed again and stays silent. I watch her exhale and in inhale. She turns to look at me, but still speaks no word.


“I’m still pissed.” I whisper, grabbing her hand and playing with her fingers. She chuckles and squeezes my hand making me giddy. Wait no- Harry Styles does not go giddy, especially not over a girl. She’s not just any girl. My subconscious bites back and I frown.


“You overreacted,” She giggles when I kiss the tips of her fingers and suck on her pinky lightly. “You’re an idiot you know?” She looks at me with her eyebrows furrowed and let go of her hand.




“Why did you do that Harry?” She sighs and runs a hand through her hair before continuing, “Why would you jump in front of a damn car?”She asked and I looked at her in confusion.


“Well I wasn’t going to just let you get hit by a car, if that’s what you’re getting at.” I said, growing angry.


“But now you’re in this position! I’m supposed to be in this hospital bed, not you.” She defends and I shake my head as each word slips from her lips. I’m about to open my mouth and reply, but a knock at the door diverts both London and my attention away from each other and to the girl I’d hoped I’d never see again.


“What do you want, River?” I ask and she rolls her eyes playfully and walks in.


“Sorry to ruin your little moment, but Harry. I need to talk to you. It’s about Stone.” She said and I froze at the mention of his name. London looked between me and River confused. I lean closer to her whispering in her ear:


“Why don’t you go home? I’ll come to you tomorrow after I’m released, yeah?” She looks hesitant for a second but nods nonetheless and I kiss her cheek, watching her pick up her bag from the ground and leaving the room, throwing River a shy smile and waving by to me as she exits. River moves to close the door immediately and pulls up a chair next to me.


“He’s been back in Boston for about a month now, been looking for both you, me and Liam. Liam went back to Wolverhampton and I came back as soon as I was contacted and informed of your injury. I got the first flight back  and arrived yesterday, but they told me you were still in a coma so I’ve been waiting for you to wake up,” She starts and I stay silent, signaling for her to continue. “His partner, Louis’ been keeping track of our whereabouts and I’m scared they’ll find us. What happens if they do? We’ll be as good as dead. Especially if Stone finds out who killed his brother. His out for blood Harry, what’s going to happen?” I sighed and rubbed my temples. This is all too much to take in right now.


“Look, I’m tired. I don’t want to deal with all of this shit right now. So tomorrow, let’s just meet up. We need Liam back in London as soon possible so you get on that okay? I’ll talk to Zayn and Perrie.” She nodded and stood up from her chair.


“So what’s the plan?” She asks and I take a deep breath and look up at her, saying the words I’d hoped to never say again.


“We’re getting the gang back together.”




~London’s P.O.V.~


I unlock the front door and slip in as silently as possible. I curse when I knock into the coat rack, sending it flying to the floor. The lights from upstairs light up and I pray in my head that it is my mother, but as soon as I hear the loud footsteps, I know that it is unfortunately my father.


“Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to come the fuck home.” He glared at me and I shook my head and attempted walking past him, to the stairs, but fail miserably when a sharp hand pushes against my shoulder, sending me across the floor and falling down against the wall. I whimper when he walks closer to me and try to shuffle away from the monster that has taken over my father. His shoes are in front of me in seconds and I cry out when he lifts me by the hair and jams me against the wall.


“Care to explain where you were?” He growls in my face and a tear slips down my cheek.


“I-my friend is in the hospital. I was just checking up.” I say and he chuckles lowly. I’m afraid for a second of what he will do, but a light switches on and my mother appears. I sigh in relief when my father lets me go and I fall back down on the floor watching my mother talk to him. I try making out what she says, but it’s in a hushed tone so I have no idea what she’s saying unfortunately. I watch in shock as my father nods and walks up the stairs without another word. In a matter of seconds, my mother’s soft purple slippers are in sight and she helps me get to my feet. I instantly fall into an embrace with her and sob into her neck as she whispers soothing things in my ear, calming me down by the minute.


After a while we pull away and she smiles at me, wiping away my tears.


“Go get some sleep.” She  says and I nod and start to make my way up the stairs to my room.


As I lay in bed that night, my mind travels to what’s happened these last 3 days.


Day 1:


Harry jumped in front of a car for me and fell into a coma.


Day 2:


Harry still didn’t wake up and I had some lunch with Perrie and her friend Eleanor, who was in University. I went back to the hospital after and met an old friend of Harry’s, River. My first impression on her was that she was a very forward girl. She told me about her and Harry being childhood friends and how they all took a trip to Boston last year, her, Zayn, Perrie, the Eleanor girl, Harry and a guy named Liam.


Day 3:


Harry woke up and I found out about a man named Stone, though that is all I know of him. A name.


Before falling asleep that night, I had gotten a text from Willow asking to meet up tomorrow. I told her that was free for dinner and then invited Perrie and Eleanor along.



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