The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



13. Chapter Thirteen

Sexual Education:


Chapter Thirteen


(3 Days Later)


~Harry’s P.O.V.~


“I’d love to,” I smile into the phone as London explains to me everything about a fair she went to last night with Perrie, Willow and Eleanor. She’s trying to get me to go with her again tonight, but unfortunately I can’t. Liam got back in yesterday and him, Zayn, Perrie and River are coming to my ‘place’ tonight to try and figure out how we’re going with all of this new shit.


“But…?” She reads my mind and I sigh into the phone, knowing that I’m upsetting her.


“But, I’ve got plans with Zayn tonight.” I tell her and she groans over the line, making me frown when I hear some voices in the background. My blood instantly boils once I hear that familiar Irish accent in the background. I clutch my cell phone tightly in my hand and pull it away from my ear for a second, to try and keep my anger in, but I hear her high pitched giggle through the line and snap.


“What the fuck is fucking Niall doing there?” I ask and she immediately silences. “London.” I seethe and clench my teeth together.


“He’s helping me with a physics assignment and I’m at his house.” She says and I roll my eyes, knowing perfectly well that she’s lying to me about the physics, she’s a fucking human encyclopedia for fucks sakes.


“Really? Niall is helping you with school work?” I ask and I can practically hear her gulping through the receiver.


“It’s something I don’t understand and-“


“Whatever London.” I hang up after cutting her off and run a hand through my hair thinking to myself that if I could just tell her how I feel, then this would be a whole lot easier. I sigh and slump down onto my bed, cringing a bit when my leg hit the metal frame and pain shot to my ankle sending me in pain.


“Fuck!” I groan and cup my injured ankle in my hand, trying to lighten the affect.


~London’s P.O.V.~


“He mad?” Niall asks as soon as Harry hang up on me. I sigh, but nod my head and sit down next to Niall on his bed, his laptop on his lap. Truth be told, I did lie to Harry about the physics project, but I couldn’t let him know that I was doing research on, well… Him. He’d lose his shit.


“Alright so what have we got on a River Bax?” I ask Niall and I watch as he types in River Bax in the Google search engine. I would’ve done this on my own, but I’m bad with computers and I knew that I couldn’t possibly ask Perrie or Zayn for help, seeing as they’re both close mates with Harry.


“This her?” Niall brings my attention to a picture of a red headed girl with big brown eyes. I nod my head and Niall clicks on the result, taking us to a full page. I frown as I looked over the tab, my eyes scanning over all the names and words sprawled across.


“Niall, this isn’t any profile page. This is all her criminal records, and look;” I point to  a title reading, ‘Breaking and Entering, Boston 2012, 11/9’. “didn’t Harry get charged with that as well?” I ask immediately remembering that I saw that exact same record in Harry’s file. I found it snooping in his desk one day, looking for a pen. I told Niall about it and he knew what I was talking about, apparently it was in the paper, I just didn’t know about it.


“Yeah, but the charges got dropped when the witness went missing. There was no one left to testify against him. His name was Sam van Buuren I think.”  Niall tells me and suddenly it made sense. People have told me that he’s murdered, but I chose not to believe them, because I thought I knew the real Harry, but clearly I don’t.


“Wait,” I say as Niall is about to close his laptop screen. “can you look for a Stone?” I ask and Niall raises an eyebrow at me.


“I don’t know his last name, but I’m sure he’ll have a criminal record or something. He was in Boston as well that Summer.” I tell him and he nods and opens up Google again, typing in “Stone, Boston, criminal records”. Niall went into the first result and it led us to an old newspaper with the header reading ‘Sam van Buuren murder sends brother Stone van Buuren on warpath’ pictures pop up of two men, one with dark brown hair and another with blonde hair and brown eyes.


‘Left: Sam van Buuren. Right: Stone van Buuren.’


The blonde one appeared to be Sam and the one with dark hair, Stone. “So wait their brothers? None of this is making sense to me.” I sigh and rub my temples, leaning back on the bed and supporting my weight with my elbows as I stare at Niall’s clothed back.


“I think I might know what’s going on…” Niall says and closes his laptop screen, diverting his attention to me. “The only witness of the break in is dead. They knew they’d all be done for if he testified. Babe, he was murdered the day before his testimony-“


“No! No absolutely not! Niall, Harry might be a lot of things, but he is not a killer! You and I both know that!” I start to panic and jump off of the bed, pacing in front of Niall, “There has to be some reasonable explanation. Harry did not kill somebody! I refuse to believe it!” Niall sighed and got off the bed to stand in front of me. He grabbed my wrists and made me look at him.


“Think about it babe, how well do you know Harry Edward Styles?” Niall asked and I pushed him away from me. The movement of my back made me wince and I fell against the wall, placing a hand on my back to ease the pain. The memories of last night come back into my mind as I lay against the wall.


How I came home just past 10 last night and my dad lost his cool, because he strictly told me to be home at 10 on the dot. When I tried explaining, he pushed me against the kitchen counter top and my back hit the edge, leaving me with a bruise on my back. He left after that and I didn’t see him this morning either so I assume he never came home.


“London!” I snap out of my thoughts and jump when Niall is stood right in front of me. He looks confused as he stares me up and down with a frown


“I have to go.” I rush and move out of his gaze and start getting my bag and phone. I leave a kiss on his cheek and dash out of the door and down the stairs. It’s only when I’m nearly out of the door that I hear Niall calling after me.

“Hey. What happened?” He breaths and I smile and shake my head, my hand reaching for the doorknob.


“Did… Did Harry hurt you?” He asks slowly and my eyes widen and I shake my head rapidly. “London, if he did you can tell me-“


“He didn’t hurt me, Niall.” I say glaring at him and he shrugs and lifts his hands up in the air as if saying sorry. I sigh and open the door.


“Bye.” I mumble walking out of the door and closing it behind me. I pull my phone out immediately and dial Harry’s number as I start walking to the café around the corner of Niall’s house.


“Hello?”  He answers on the second ring and for some reason I feel better instantly. “Hello? London?” He asks again and I snap out of my daze.


“Hi I- could you maybe come get me? From the café around Niall’s house?” I ask there’s a pause for a second before he answers me.


“Why?” He asks and I frown.


“Well I- we need to talk, Harry. Please?” I ask again and he sighs.


“Yeah fine. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” Without saying goodbye, I hear the dial tone indicating he hung up. My phone goes back into my pocket and I can see the parking lot to the coffee shop from where I’m walking.




“So what is it?” Harry finally asks as we sit on his bed. I don’t know how, but we somehow ended up here. Through the drive, Harry was silent and is still refusing to make eye contact with me. I sigh and turn so my body is facing him. He’s looking down at his black boots when I see him.


“Okay, so you have to be honest with me right now, alright?” I ask and I see the crease forming between his eyebrows when I finish talking.


“London what is thi-“


“Did you kill Sam van Buuren?” I blurt out and he looks taken aback for a second, but once he realizes just exactly what I said, his face contorts in anger.


“What?” He asks slowly and I sigh and stand up from the bed.


“So I was at Niall’s right and we searched River Bax and then we came across some criminal records and that led to us finding out about some Stone van Buuren and I remembered hearing River talk about him and apparently his brother was murdered last year and-“


“And you think that I was the one who killed him?” He asks and I look down at an invisible loose string on my shorts. I hear Harry stand up from the bed and then he’s in front of me. “London. Do you honestly think that I killed him?” Harry asks and I look up into his emerald green eyes. The look in his eyes tells me he’s innocent and I immediately regret bringing it up. Of course he’s never killed someone. How could I even for once second believe that he was capable of being a murderer.


“N-no.” I shake my head and he nods. He then grabs my hands and pulls me closer to him, our chests now pushed together.


“Then why bring it up?” He asks, leaning his head down so his lips are right by my ear. A shiver runs through my body when he places a sweet kiss right behind my ear and lightly blows over the sensitive spot. My hands go around his neck and I pull him closer to me, leaning my head to left and giving him more access.


“I don’t appreciate you hanging out with Niall.” He says, moving lower down my neck.


~Harry’s P.O.V.~


I smirk at feeling her shiver under my lips and make my way lower, sucking gently on the soft skin of where her neck meets jaw and take this moment to bring up what’s been on my mind the entire fucking day.


“I don’t appreciate you hanging out with Niall.” I murmur into her neck and softly sink my teeth down on her skin, licking over the spot and kissing down to her collarbone.


“I don’t appreciate you hanging out with River.” She finally speaks and I smile. I knew that she didn’t like her from the beginning. Happy to find that what I had assumed was true, I pulled back and looked at her. She barely had any makeup on today and she looks absolutely fucking perfect.


“She’s just a friend.” I smirk and she smirks right back at me.


“Niall’s just a friend.” She tries and I fight back the urge to roll my eyes.


“Please, he’s practically drooling over you,” I scoff and she chuckles softly, her hands running up and down my arms “but guess why he will never have you.” She frowns and shrugs, I smirk and lean down to kiss her. Her hands find my curls and she threads the strands of brown hair between her fingers, her lips moving in perfect sync with mine. My hands move down to her waist and I pull her as tight against me as I can, never breaking the kiss.


“Because you’re mine.” I growl huskily and she smirks and kisses my cheek. “I really like you.” I whisper once we pull away and press my forehead against hers. She giggles and kisses my nose.


“I really like you too, silly.” I shake my head and grab her hands, looking straight into her eyes.


“No I mean, I really like you London. I guess that’s why I didn’t like the idea of you and Niall hanging out. I can’t bare the thought of having to share you with anyone.” I mutter and she smiles softly at me, her hands now by my sides, clutching to the material of the shirt I’m wearing.


“Good,” She says quietly. “because I really like you too.” She grins goofily and I can’t help but chuckle.


“What are you doing to me London Collins?” I groan and rest my head on top of hers as her arms circle around neck and mine around her waist.

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