The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



6. Chapter Six

Sexual Education:


Chapter Six



~Harry’s P.O.V.~



“Mom! I’m home!” I shout to my mother as I walk into our quaint little house. I hear small footsteps coming from somewhere in the house and then my little sister makes an appearance. She’s running up to me and tears are covering her face.


“Harry!” She runs up to me and clings to my legs as she cries furiously. I bend down slightly to pick her up rest her on my hip.


“What happened, Luxie? Where’s mom?” I ask and she shakes her head and wipes her tears. I decide that she’s in no state to help me and start making my way through the house, I check the living room and there’s no sign of my mother. After I check upstairs in her room and still she’s not there.


“Bathroom, Harry.” My sister chokes and I slowly walk to the bathroom.


When I open the door, I see the thing that I least expected. I gasp and my eyes widen.






~London’s P.O.V.~


I’ve been searching the hallway for nearly fifteen minutes, trying to find Harry, but he’s nowhere to be seen. I sigh and lean back against my locker, looking around. My eyes scan through all of the students and the only people I recognize is Willow, Chris, a teacher and Zayn Malik. He’s one of Harry’s friends if I’m not mistaken.


Deciding on taking a leap of faith, I go over to Zayn. He’s standing talking to a blonde headed girl with big blue eyes. I tap him on the shoulder and he whips around to face me.


“Collins. What can I do you for?” He smiles and I frown. How did he know my name? He’s in nearly all of your classes. My subconscious reminds me and I just shrug it off, continuing.


“Do you maybe know where Harry is?” I ask sweetly. Zayn purses his lips to the side and shakes his head after a while. He looks behind him to the pretty girl.


“Babe, you know where Haz is?” He asks and she too has no clue.


“Sorry, sweets.” The girl smiles and takes a step forward, so she’s now next to Zayn and right in front of me, “I’m Perrie by the way, love your shoes. You’re London right? Dad’s the cop?” She introduces herself and I smile back, but completely ignore the thing about my dad.


“It’s nice meeting you.” I grin and she smiles wider. Zayn chuckles and pulls her closer to him, by the waist.


“Well hey, if you figure anything out about Harry, keep me posted.” He winks and then him and Perrie walk away. She waves a big goodbye to me and I wave back. Well that went absolutely no where. I think to myself and just then the bell for first period goes off. Great.




By the end of the day, there’s still no Harry and for some reason, I feel as if something’s happened and I can’t stop that nagging feeling in my stomach, telling me that I should just go to Harry’s house, but of course I have no idea where the hell he lives. Sighing, I start the ignition to my mother’s car and back out of the school parking lot.


Through the whole drive, I can’t shake that bad feeling that something’s happened and when finally I get home, no one is home. For once I’m not that relieved, especially when I see a police car in front of my house. I frown and drive up the driveway. After the car is parked, I get out and lock it.


“London Collins?” I swipe my head to the side and see a officer coming up to me. I nod and walk towards him.


“Yes?” I ask and he looks down at a tiny booklet with some writing on the papers.


“You’re friends with Harry Styles, correct?” There it is. There’s that feeling. I nod slowly and he sighs and runs a hand through his hair. He motions for us to head inside the house and I oblige and lead him into the two story house.




“What do you mean, he’s missing? How can he be missing?” I ask and fiddle with my nails. The officer looks down at the cup of coffee that I had made him three minutes ago prior. I wait patiently for the answer and he turns his head up to me after a couple of seconds.


“Missing, as in no one know where he is. Someone called for the police and we went over, when we got there, Harry was with his sister, he left to ‘go to the bathroom’ and when after ten minutes he hadn’t returned, my partner and I checked up on him and he was gone. No sign of him. He had left us with his sister. She’s down at the police station now, being taken care of.” He said all in one breath. My eyes widened and I shook my head. This cannot be happening. I chose on pulling out my cell phone to call Harry, but see that I have a message.


From: Harry


Something’s happened. If the cops talk to you, tell them that you don’t know where I am and that we barely know each other. Don’t ask questions. I’ll talk to you soon.


“Everything okay?” The man dressed in navy blue asks and I look up at him. I give him a nod and read over the text again.


“I uhm, I don’t really know where he is. I haven’t talked to him in days, we aren’t really talking we uh, we got into a fight.” I tell him, lying through my teeth. At first he looks skeptical, but when I pull a sad face, he seems to buy it. I watch as the officer stands up from his table and finishes off his coffee.


“Well, when you hear from him. Please call the police, something’s happened that’s got to do with him.” He says and places his empty cup in the sink.


“What happened?” I ask rushed and he shakes his head at me.


“I’m sorry, I can’t say anything. Confidential.” He replies. I sigh, but don’t reply to the man and stand up as well.


“Right, well I should get back to the station.” He says and starts to walk towards the front door. I follow suit and when he’s outside and I’m inside, I call out to him.


“Hey! How’d you know that I knew Harry?” I ask. He turns around and smiles.


“His sister told us.”






I sip my Starbucks coffee and for the hundredth time try and phone Harry, but he doesn’t answer. It goes straight to voicemail every time. This whole situation is completely messed up and now I’m being pulled into it? Perfect, just perfect. I need to focus on my school work, but no I’ve got police officers phoning me every hour to find out if I heard anything from Harry.


“London?!” I look up at the mention of my name and see Perrie. I smile and wave her over. She comes up to me and puts her designer bag on the table, she’s got a Strawberry Swirl in her one hand and her phone in the other.


“Hi!” She chirps.


“Hey.” I softly smile and she frowns and moves closer to me.


“What’s up? You look upset.” She says and I move my head sideways. Should I tell her? I think to myself. She does look very sweet, but what if it’s just an act?


“It’s just, I still don’t know where Harry is. He left me some weird message and now he’s not answering any of my calls.” I groan and place my head in my hands. This whole day is giving me a headache.


“You mean you haven’t heard?” She asks, sipping her drink. I look at her through my fingers and shake my head vigorously.


“Heard what?”


“London, Harry’s mom killed herself today.”





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