The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



1. Chapter One

Sexual Education:


Chapter One


~London’s P.O.V.~


“Do you see him?”


“I heard he got arrested for trying to murder his stepfather.”


“My mom says he’s a devil worshiper.”


My ears perked up at all of the comments being thrown around by the students of Aroyo High. My eyes were fixated on the tall figure though, as he walked through the halls with two police officers and his hands handcuffed behind his back. His hair was up in a curly brown quaff and from afar I could clearly tell that his deep green eyes were glaring at the gossiping students around him.


My eyes never left him as he walked past me, but right when he was in front of me, I got pushed against and him and my books all tumbled down to the ground. Along with me. I tried hiding my face in humiliation and blindly searched for my glasses that had fallen to the floor.


As my hands patted the ground, I suddenly felt a hard leather object under my touch. Students around me gasped and that’s when I realized that I had just touched his foot. I had just touched Harry Styles’ black leather boots and all eyes were on me.


“Lose something, love?” The thick British accent spoke and I slowly lifted my head to find the one and only Harry Styles, smirking down at me with my black glasses in hand. I nodded my head yes and his smirk only grew.


I was helped back onto my feet by one of the African-American police officers and politely my books were handed back to me. All I needed now were glasses, but still they were in the hands of a dark soul.


“Stop playing around and give the girl back her glasses, boy.” One of the officers spoke in an intimidating voice and instantly I felt the rim of the frames touch my fingers and I quickly grasped the seeing object and placed them back onto my head. I quietly thanked the man and was about to walk away, when I heard my name being called.


“I look forward to seeing you around, London.” Of course it was Harry . His words seemed to cut deep into me and this only caused me to walk faster to my first period class, which was English Literature.




I sighed, setting my books down on my desk. Finally. I thought to myself when I remembered that it was the last class of the day and thankfully it was a Friday. Al throughout the day I managed to avoid Harry and the rest of the school. When I walked through the halls, I heard the whispers and caught the stares of the nosey teens, but me being me; I just ignored them and went on with my day, pretending that I had not noticed them.


“Afternoon class!” Miss Samuels greeted us with the widest smile when she entered the room. Cringed at her high pitched voice, she was probably the loudest teacher here at Aroyo High, but she was always nice. Some say a little too nice.


“Right you know the drill, raise your hand when I call your name.” She went on calling the names of the numerous students.


“London Samantha Collins?” I lifted my hand in the air and tried to escape the gaze of the class, all staring at me as if I was a statue that had suddenly moved.


“Harry Edward Styles?”



“Harry?” Nothing. I looked around the class and Harry wasn’t in his usual spot behind me. Miss Samuels sighed and continued ticking off the rest of the names until she was finally finished.


“Right well, for your next English assignment, I am going to be pairing you all up in two. Your partner and you will have two months to get to know each other and then present a short biography of them in front of the class.” She stated, I groaned softly. I hated group projects, I usually just do all the work, seeing as I’m quite a nerd.


“Okay well Tiffany and Josh, Corbin and Matt, Brandon and Sierra, London and-“


“Sorry I’m late!” My eyes darted to the door at the sound of that raspy voice.


“Harry, glad you could join us. Why don’t you take a seat next to London and you both and do this assignment together. London you’ll explain it to him.” She demanded in a kind, but cold way. I gave a curt nod and then felt his presence next to me.


“Hello.” He smirked down at me as he took the seat next to me. I nodded and looked down at the assessment paper that was handed to me. I read the words:









The paper was ripped from my eyes when I finished reading the last word. I snapped my head in the direction the paper flew to and glared at an amused Harry. I tried reaching for my paper, but he lifted it high above his head. I huffed and turned to look at the white board in front, clearly annoyed with his childish behavior.


“Aren’t you going to let me introduce myself? My names Harry Styles and-“


“I know who you are. Everyone does.” I clarified, cutting him off. He chuckled lowly and then I felt his hot breath behind my neck.


“You know for a geek, you’re rather feisty.” I practically heard the smirk in his voice and rolled my eyes.


“Look. I don’t want to do this project with you and you probably feel the same, so why don’t you cut the crap and just leave me alone? I’ll ask for a new partner at the end of class.” I said and slammed shut my book. Harry looked taken aback by my response, but his intimidating demeanor didn’t falter as the known smirk made another appearance.


“Who said I didn’t want to do it with you?” He whispered and my eyes grew slightly wider.


His chuckled lowly and turned his attention back to the overly happy teacher. I sunk lower in my seat and Harry and I both kept our mouths shut until the end of class.





~Harry’s P.O.V.~


I unlocked the front door to my house and slowly opened the door. I immediately smelled the smoke coming from the kitchen when I entered and dashed to the stove, seeing that it was burning up inside, with smoke puffing out. I sighed, turning it off and grabbing a  cloth to take the dish out of the kitchen appliance.


“Harry?” I turned my head around to be greeted by my mother. She had circles under her brown eyes and her hair was standing up in all directions. “Why are you home so early from school?” she asked and I frowned and looked away from her before answering.


“It’s past three mom. Have you been sleeping all day?” I questioned and she looked down at the ground. A single tear fell down her cheek and I rushed over to comfort her.


“You know I’m t-trying, but with your d-dad leaving.. I-it’s just hard to handle everything.” She cried and I pulled her closer to me, my arms wrapping around her shoulders and her head rested on my chest as quite sobs escaped her ashy lips. I rubbed her back and then I heard faint footsteps coming into the kitchen. It was my five year old sister, Lux. She looked at me and then at our mother, currently crying her eyes out.


“What’s wrong with mommy?” She asked innocently and I just shook my head.


“She’s sad, baby.” I told her and she furrowed her tiny eyebrows, as if she’s repeating my words in her small head. It’s fair to say that I was disappointed in my mother. I don’t understand how she hasn’t gotten over the fact that our father and her husband had left us shortly after Lux was born.


“Lux, come here.” I spoke quietly and her puny feet padded across the tile of the kitchen as she ran to me, her arms wrapping around my clothed legs as she clung to me. I looked down at the blonde head of hair and finally let go of my mom, to bend down and pick my baby sister up.


“How was pre-school?” I asked and she shook her head and pointed to my mom that was now sitting at the kitchen counter.


“Mommy never took me.” She said sadly and I turned to our mother with a disapproving look. I set Lux down and whispered to her to go and play in her room, assuring that I’ll be up in a moment. She ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs.




“No, mom. Listen I love you, but you need to get some help. This is my first day back from Juvenile Court and seeing this,” I motioned my arms to the dirty home and sighed, “you can’t go on like this mom. He left over four years ago.” She looked up at me with teary eyes and nodded slowly.


“I’m trying baby, you know that-“


“That’s not enough! I was worried everyday at that place for a month long. Worrying about the fact that if Lux was getting fed, taken to school, cleaned, everything. I can’t keep being her only parent, you have to get help. Go to the doctors, a therapist, anything that will get you better. I need to be a teenager, not a parent to both my mom and baby sister.” I spoke and left with that. 



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