The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



5. Chapter Five *Sexual Content*

Sexual Education:


Chapter Five


~London’s P.O.V.~


“London?” Harry’s voice spoke through the speaker and I smiled slightly and sat down on my bed.


“Hey. So I was wondering if you-“


“Harry? Who’s on the phone?” A faint female voice speaks in the background and my heart stops. Is he with another girl? After we spent the whole day together? I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m angry. It’s not like we’re together or anything, but it’s still low to see someone else when he’s helping with my… situation.


“I’ll be right with you, Lux.” He says and my thoughts are corrected, he is with a girl.


“You were saying?” He asked me and I shook my head.


“Nothing. Just, get back to Lux. You sound really busy.” I say with clear annoyance in my voice. I didn’t mean to sound so rude and sarcastic, but how dare he lead me on? For a second I actually thought that he might like me, but now he’s hanging out with some random girl after he spent the whole day with me.


“London, Lux is just my-“ I cut him off, hanging up the phone and throwing it down on my bed, frustrated. I can’t believe I was so stupid to think that he could even like someone like me. I’m basically the laughing stock of the school, everyone knows I’m a nerdy girl with rich parents. They claim that I’m some trustfund snob, but they don’t even know me.


I guess that’s why I don’t really have friends. I do have Willow though, but I haven’t really talked to her since this whole Harry thing. Maybe I should give her a call. I think to myself and pat the bed behind me, feeling around for my phone. When the device is finally grasped in my hands, I unlock the screen and see that I have two missed calls from Harry.


Rolling my eyes, I clear my log and dial Willow’s number. It rings twice before she picks up and a smile spreads onto my face.


“London! How are you? Haven’t talked in while.” She giggles and I can’t help but give a faint chuckle. Willow was a very nice girl, dating one of the A-list guys that are in the Football team, so everyone kind of knows her. She’s a beautiful girl so I wasn’t surprised when she told me one morning that her cousin got her a modeling gig. Her cousin’s got a modeling agency and yeah.


“Yeah, I’ve been good. Hey want to go get some dinner or something? Catch up a little. My treat.” I ask sweetly and immediately she agrees to my request. I tell her to meet me at this posh restaurant not too far from my house. We agree to meet at 7, leaving me with about 40 minutes to get ready.


I decide to take a quick shower and walk over to my bathroom. Stripping down to nothing, I turn the taps on and stand in front of the mirror. I wouldn’t really say that I’m skinny, but I’m definitely not over-weight or anything. You could say I’m average. Not too skinny, but not really chubby.


Steam fills up the bathroom and that’s my cue to get under the piping hot water. I let the water fall down onto my chest and a sigh of relief leaves my lips as my muscles relax under the droplets pinning down onto me.


After completely feelings satisfied and clean, I grab my white towel and wrap it around myself. I force myself out of the shower and dry myself quickly, I walk out the bathroom and into my bedroom. My feet pad along the carpet and to my underwear drawer. In grab some matching white panties and a bra. As I’m about to pull out something from my closet, my mind retreats to the brand new clothes I bought today. I quickly walk over to the bags and get out the perfect outfit. Not too fancy, not too skimpy.


As I slip my arms through the jacket that I had bought, there’s a loud crash against my window. My eyes widen and I run over to the window. I push it open and look down. Seeing the familiar head of curls, I roll my eyes and close the window again. I go over to my bed and sit down. My new shoes are slipped onto my size 6 feet and whilst tying up the right boot, there’s another sound from my window, but this time a knock.


I completely ignore Harry and continue with getting ready. When finally dressed, I place myself in front of my mirror and pull out my makeup bag from my drawer. Deciding on trying something new, I put some dark eye shadow on and two layers of mascara, rather happy with the outcome, I smile and pucker my lips. After glossing up my lips and adding my jewelry, I’m done.


The time on my cell phone reads 18:42. That gives me time to get to the restaurant and I gather my things, before heading for the door. Stealing a glance at my new outfit as I pass the mirror.

 (Outfit: )



As I walk to my mother’s car, that I got permission to drive tonight, I’m interrupted by the same head of curls that was rudely throwing stones at my window just mere minutes ago. He follows me to my mom’s car, but I completely ignore, well up until,


“London! Why’d you hang up on me?” He asked me. I rolled my eyes annoyed and turned around to face him. What I didn’t expect was for him to be so close to me, our noses barely touching.


“You seemed busy.” I scowl and he frowns. I want to move the stray curl that was falling over his face away, but remembered what a dick move he pulled.


“Wha- Oh now I get it; you’re jealous.” He smirked looking pleased with himself. I scoffed and pushed him away from me. His pleased demeanor didn’t seem to falter at my action and I punched his shoulder. As I was going in for another smack, he caught my hand in his and stopped me. I was pulled closer, against his chest and his right hand, that was not holding my right captive, rested on the small of my back. Our chests were pushed together and I could smell his cologne clear through the close air.


“London, that was my sister,” Harry said and before I could actually process it, he went on. “my five year old sister, Lux.” He said and I looked down embarrassed. My cheeks were flushed and I was utterly ashamed. I feel two fingers placed on my chin and I’m forced to look up at Harry. For once he actually looks sincere about something.


“Why were you so mad?” He whispered and I try to get out of his grasp to avoid confrontation, but I’m deadlocked in Harry’s tight grip.  I just shake my head and look anywhere but his eyes.


“I don’t know.” I finally admit and it was true, because I don’t know. “I don’t know why I got upset okay. I just thought that we spent the day together and then you just go home with some random slu- girl and I just got mad for no reason.” I spill out rushed and Harry looks amused at me.


“You like me.” He grinned and I’m about to object, but Harry goes on. Saying something I did not expect, but needed to hear. “But that’s okay, because I quite like you too.” He said and moved his head closer to me.


“Yeah?” I ask nervously and he nods.


“Yeah.” Then his lips are on mine and my hands are in his curls, pulling his face closer to mine.  I count till five and slowly swipe my tongue oer his lips. Immediate entrance is granted and our tongues meet in slow laps. His hands start moving lower until they’re planted under my thighs. Next thing I know, I’m being lifted up, my legs wrap around his waist and we move against the car for support.


By the time we pull apart, I’m completely breathless. “ I have to be somewhere.” I whisper against his lips and he nods slowly.




I throw my bag on my bed and yawn, checking the time on my cell phone as I go over to my closet. Reading 21:52. Willow and I got caught up with the time and by the time we were finished with our fifth drinks, I noticed that it was getting late.


It was so fun to just talk to her about everything that’s been happening the past few days and she didn’t judge me once when I told her about Harry, I of course left out the fact about the ‘sex lessons’ and she tells me all about Chris and her going to the same college and I couldn’t help but be happy for her. They’ve been together nearly three years now so I know how much they love each other.


Our conversations led to the stupidest things that after a while we were just randomly laughing, to say it was a fun night is a bit of an understatement, but right now I am just ready to get into bed with a book.


When I got home, my parents weren’t home, but during dinner my mother texted me saying that she was catching up with some work and that my dad was working a night shift so I was home alone tonight. I was kind of happy about that, not sure why.


I walk over to my bathroom whilst stripping down and stand by the sink, to brush my teeth. Toothpaste is smeared onto my yellow toothbrush and quickly swiped under the tap water. As I’m brushing my teeth, my cell phone rings and I quickly run over, with toothpaste still in my mouth and answer without checking the caller.


“Hello?” I mumble.


“Hey, open up the window. I’m coming up.” I smiled upon hearing Harry’s voice and rush to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth. When done, quickly pull on some pajama shorts and an old baggy sweatshirt. I go over the window and open up. Surely seconds later, Harry’s head pops up and I go to help him get in.


When finally he’s in, I get pushed down onto my bed.


“Hey.” He smiles after jumping onto the bed laying down next to me with a lazy smile. I grin an poke his dimple.


“Hi.” I say and lean in to place a soft kiss on his lips, but when I’m about to move away, Harry grabs the back of my neck and forces my lips against his. Not complaining I kiss back and sit up straight, now straddling his waist with my legs on both his sides. His hands move down to my hips and he pulls me impossibly close.


“Lesson. Two.” He mumbles between kisses and I nod and we pull away, catching out breaths.




“Sex isn’t just about giving pleasure to your other partner, but receiving it as well. So today I’m going to show you what real pleasure feels like and teach you some self control.” Harry tells me and I bop my head up and down, confirming that I know what he’s going on about, when in actuality I really don’t.


Harry rejoins me on my bed again and smirks down at me. I shyly smile and he leans in to kiss me. The kiss quickly increases to a heated make out and I gasp when I feel a hand on my lower region. I look down and find that Harry is trailing his fingers up and down my thighs, going closer  with every chance.


“Just relax.”  He mumbles and slowly starts pulling down my shorts. I whimper and I can tell that Harry knows how nervous I am, because he whispers words of encouragement to me with every movement. My breath is hitched in my throat when my panties are moved to once side and a finger is slipped in.


I gasp for air and grip onto the covers of my bed as he moves his finger up and down my inner core. I’ve never felt anything quite this intense and I’m overwhelmed with pleasure and a somewhat uncomfortable feelings. “Harry…” I moan and my hips buckle up against his hand. He smirks and moves his finger a little faster against my clitoris.


“Hmm.” He mumbles, I feel his finger slip in and I scream out loudly, but grab a pillow to stuff my face in as he continues the pleasuring torture on my sex. His finger swirls around inside of me and I can’t help the moans falling from my lips, one after another.


After short seconds, I start feeling a knot in my stomach, building up more and more as he goes on. Finally I feel myself release onto his fingers and he removes his touch from me. He pulls my shorts back up and I feel severely exhausted when he lies down next to me.


“How was that?” He whispers and kisses my ear.


“Amazing.” I breath and feel my eyes start to droop.



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