The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



11. Chapter Eleven

 Sexual Education:


Chapter Eleven


~London’s P.O.V.~




“Where the fuck were you?!” He shouts. Sprinting forward towards me. I flinch away, my back hitting the door and he glares at me through his brown eyes. I take a shaky breath before replying.


“I was with-with Willow. We were watching some movies and f-fell asleep.” I stutter. Lying right through my teeth to my father seemed to be more difficult than it might seem. His eyes narrowed and he looked at me with such anger. I felt scared when he took a step forward and my hand immediately reached for the door knob behind me.


“So you won’t mind me calling her mother and making sure?” He asks me. I shake my head vigorously at him and he raises an eyebrow.


“She wasn’t there! We were alone. Her mother went for dinner with a friend.” I say. He seems skeptical at first with my answer, but it seems he might have actually believed me.


“And her dad? John.”


“He had the late shift at the hospital. Never came home.” I explain quickly. He nods his head slowly and I take that as my cue. My feet hurry across the floor and up the stairs. My bedroom door is slammed shut behind me and I take a deep breath thinking about how close I was to being caught. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I sigh, but pull it out. Seeing I have a message from Harry:


Did you get home safe?


I roll my eyes at the question. He leaves me alone at Niall’s after getting upset over nothing and now has the audacity to ask me if I got home safe. Dick.


I angrily groan and throw my phone on my bed, watching it bounce off and land on the ground with a thud. I groan loudly and run a hand through my hair, pulling a disgusted face shortly after, realizing that my hair felt extremely dirty. Deciding on a shower I grab my white fluffy towel from my cabinet in the bathroom and reach into the shower to start the water.


Stripping down, I realize that my back is practically red with forming bruises. The memories of this morning flash through my mind where Harry had me pushed against the hard wall, shielding me from his father. I shudder at the thought and unhook my bra, letting the straps fall down my arms. I get under the piping hot water without another glance at my naked body and immediately work at scrubbing my hair.


Humming softly, I squirt some conditioner on my hands and mix it into my hair, making it soft and shiny. After twenty minutes I’m, finally done and grab the towel from the bathroom bench, directly next to the shower. I turn off the water and wrap the material around my body securing it under my right arm.


I pad across the tile floor and nearly slip before reaching the door. The knob turns under my hand and I swing open the door. Nearly having a heart attack when I see that there is someone sitting on my bed and that someone is Harry Styles. I sigh and walk into my room, going for my closet without a word. I find what I’m going to wear without speaking and head back into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind me.


~Harry’s P.O.V.~


I fumble with my fingers as I wait for London to get out of the bathroom. My mind wonders to the text I sent her and her not replying. I know for a fact that she saw, because when I picked her phone up from the ground, I saw my sent message opened up on her screen. I roll my eyes and sigh loudly. I have to admit that leaving London was probably a dick move, but she can’t expect me to be fine with her taking my little sister to fucking Niall.


We’re friends, but I don’t want Lux around him… nor do I want London with him. I can tell when he likes someone and he’s clearly smitten with London.


“Hi.” My thoughts are broken when London enters the room fully dressed. ( I stand up from her bed and walk over to her, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips, but she turns her head before I can do anything and my lips land on her soft cheek. I press a delicate kiss and pull back frowning.


“Why didn’t you reply my text?” I ask when she starts gathering her shit and she doesn’t answer until she reaches for her door handle. She turns to me and replies.


“Because if you hadn’t have left me there then I wouldn’t have had to, but you let your ego get in the way.” She shrugs and opens the door. Before I can even figure out what she meant, the door slams behind her and as I’m about to go after her; I’m reminded of her cop father that is here. I sigh heavily and walk to the window.


~London’s P.O.V.~


“Dad! I’m going to the library to study!” I call as I reach the front door. I open it and slip out the door quickly. I lock the door behind me and nearly faint when I turn  around to be face to face with the one and only Harry, again. I roll my eyes and move past him, but his large built body keeps blocking my escape route. I groan and shove at his shoulders. He looks taken aback, but doesn’t falter his determined expression as he follows me down the driveway.


When I finally reach my father’s car, I gasp loudly being pushed against the metal vehicle. “Why are you ignoring me?” He asks? I curse under my breath and look down at the ground.


“Why did you get so upset? Over the Niall thing.” I muster out the question and suddenly Harry’s black boots become vaguely interesting as I keep my eyes away from Harry’s penetrating gaze. My chin gets lifted up by two rough fingers and I’m forced to look into his green eyes.


“I don’t know okay? I just don’t like you hanging out with him.” He shrugs and I roll my eyes and pull out of his grip. My hand collides with his chest and I push him away. He catches my wrist though and pulls me into him.


“Stop,” He looks into my eyes. “I’m sorry okay? I just don’t know what to think of all of this.” He sighs and lets me go. “I’ve never liked anyone. I don’t really know how this works.” He says and this time he’s the one that looks away from mine. Realization hits me and I come to the conclusion that Harry has never been in a relationship. Or whatever the hell we are.


“Harry,” I sigh and he looks at me shyly.


“Well for one, you don’t act like a douche and leave them with no ride home.” I chuckle and hit his shoulder softly. He grins down at me, showing off his dimples and I take this as a chance to lean up and press a quick kiss to his pink lips.


He smiles when I pull away. I inform him about my plans to go to the library and he assures to meet me later at the park. I open my door and with one more kiss goodbye, I get into my dad’s car and drive off.




I sigh in relief when I finish the last page of my physics book and slam it closed. A vibration on the table signals that I have a new message. I pick up my cell phone and read over my new message;


At the park. Hurry up. X


I roll my eyes playfully. Even via text he sounds demanding. I giggle and pack up my text books. I mindlessly throw them into my bag and head for the door, bumping into some as I head out.


“Hey watch where you’re-London?” I look up to find Niall smiling at me. I plaster a grin on my face and swing my bag over my shoulder.


“Hi.” I go in for a hug and can’t help but let Niall’s scent fill my nostrils.


“You’ve to be fucking kidding me.” A voice pulls us apart and when I look behind Niall, my heart nearly falls to the ground when I see Harry standing there.


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