The Book Of Love -Harry Styles-

*Previously called 'Sexual Education' Now more appropriate*
“So let me get this straight. Sweet, smart little London wants me to teach her how to have sex? So that she can lose you virginity before graduation?” Harry asked me, quoting my words.

“Look if you don’t want to, forget it.” I attempted walking away, but I was pulled back by the wrist. I looked at Harry and he smirked.

“I never said no, but I have a little condition.” He said.

“I get to be the one that takes away all of your innocence.” He spoke. I thought about it for a moment, before placing my hand in his.



8. Chapter Eight

Sexual Education:


Chapter Eight



~London’s P.O.V.~



“What do you mean?” I ask him. I’ve never heard him speak of his father. I assumed there was just some bad blood between the two. Harry sighs and sits down my bed, pulling my arm to make me sit next to him. His head falls onto my shoulder and he kisses the exposed skin on my neck. I rolled my eyes playfully and giggle pushing at his head of curls.


“Please tell me.” I instruct and he groans into my skin, sending vibrations through my skin. I sigh and hit his head softly.


“I went to find my father. He abandoned my mother and I when Lux was born. No one has heard of him since then.” He says and I frown.


“Okay, but I still don’t get why you had to go look for him?”


“Well when I saw my mom in that bathtub I just- I completely lost it London. I called the police and left Lux with them. I really wasn’t in any state to take care of her,” He says. I nod my head and motion for him to continue. “for some reason I just knew he had something to do with this, see after he left us, my mother was a wreck. She attempted suicide twice. Once when he left and the second time when she thought she saw him in the supermarket.”  He takes in a breath before adding on to his explanation, “So at the time there was no way my mom could take care of Luxie so I basically took over the role of a dad and mother in her life. For a while my mom was okay, but recently she was acting strange. Stranger than usual. I guess that her strange behavior has something to do with my father and maybe she couldn’t take it anymore and she… she took her life on it.” He finishes and I could’ve sworn I saw a tear in his eye, but he quickly wiped at his eyes.


“Harry, I’m so sorry. You really don’t deserve that. I mean for something like that to happen and now you’re all alone and-“


“London.” He presses the pad of his index finger against my lips to shut me up before speaking, “I’m fine, I’m just worried about Lux. She can’t stay with the police for much longer and I’m still on the search for my father. I was thinking of asking my aunt in California, but she’s too young for that long of a distance travelling-“


“I can look after her.” I blurt without thinking and Harry looks shocked, with his eyes wide and jaw slightly agape. I nod my head, trying to convince both him and myself that I’m capable of taking care of a five year old little girl.


“Yeah, I can do it.” I say and he looks as if he’s contemplating cons and pros of letting me watch his sister. I rest my hand on his shoulder and make him look at me.


“Hey, trust me will you?” I chuckle and he laughs awkwardly.


”I just don’t want to put this weight of caring for a five year old on your shoulders. It can be hard sometimes.” He says looking down and fiddling with his fingers. Take some guts and grab onto his hands with mine. He looks surprised when he meets my gaze and I smirk.


“Okay, okay.” He sighs and I smile widely and kiss his lips. A quick kiss quickly turned into something more heated, with my legs wrapped around his waist and him lying between my thighs as we kiss. I moan as a hard grind is left on my hips and pull Harry closer. My fingers move down lower until I reach his stomach. His hands are rested on my hips and he’s holding me down as he grounds his hips against mine. It felt as if he was everywhere. Our chests, lips, abdomens and hips somehow touching at the same time.


“You make me a better person.” He breathes when we pull away. I smile through my pants and nod my head.


“You make me a bitch.” I laugh and he looks at me funnily. I wave him off and he leans in for one more kiss. This time though, it really is a short yet sweet kiss. I rest my head on his chest and my arm across his toned torso. His arm is around my shoulder and his fingers are combing softly through my hair as we just lay there, enjoying each other’s company. After a while, my phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out, reading the text I had gotten from my mother. I sigh and looked up at Harry.


“You know I hate to do this, but my parents will be home shortly.” I say and he groans over exaggeratedly. He kisses my head and then detaches himself from me. I smile up at him and watch him leave my bedroom, but before he leaves he turns back around;


“See you tomorrow.” He winks and leaves. Not long after he leaves, my parents arrive and I go through the routine that I’ve come accustomed to this last week; staying in my room and ignoring them at all costs.


Nothing’s happened yet with my dad, so I’m relieved about that.




“You’re so beautiful.” Harry murmurs, his lips leaving a trail of kisses across my jaw and neckline, sucking every few seconds. I groan when he bites down on the sensitive skin of my collarbone and I feel him smirk against my skin. My hands find his curls and I absentmindedly play with the chocolate brown locks as Harry continues leaving marks of his presence left on my ivory skin.


I suddenly feel a soft touch running up and down my thigh in slow motions. I sigh in relaxation as Harry places a kiss to my temple and then moving down to my earlobe, biting softly and kissing behind the hole in my head, covered with skin. (A/N: That’s how I feel about ears. Tiny holes in our heads, leading to our brains. Not random.)



“Harry!” I gasp when his fingers suddenly slip into my plaid pajama shorts. He shushes me with kisses and slowly touches me over my cotton white panties. I moan into his neck as he moves a little faster with each passing second. My hands grip the bedding and I try containing my moans as it gets more intense by the movements.


“Sssh…” Harry coos as a whimper escapes my lips when his finger pushes my panties to the side and sliding his index finger. I immediately scream out loud and grip a pillow, stuffing my face into the voice blocking aid. His thumb caresses my clit whilst his index finger pumps in and out of me slowly, torturing me.  For the second time in my life I feel the build-up in my stomach and I know what’s coming next.


“Harry, I’m close.” I pant and just like that, his touch his gone and I’m left feeling cold and lonely. I watch as Harry brings his finger up to his lips and wrapping his tongue around, sucking. My eyes widen when I realize what he’s doing and he chuckles down at me. I blush and look down.


“Oh God, I have to taste you. Properly.” I gasp, realizing what he’s saying and he notices my reluctance as he starts slipping down my shorts. “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.” He jokes and I can’t help but flush at the thought. My shorts fly across the air and they land on the floor, next to my shoes.


“Just relax.” He says and moves down, positioning himself in front of my lower self. He blows softly over the material that’s currently the only barrier between my opening and his luscious pink lips. I take in a deep breath and signal to him that I’m ready. He smiles and starts to slip my underwear down my legs, exposing my private half to him. His tongue slides across his lips as he takes me in.


His head slowly goes lower and lower until I feel him place a kiss on my clitoris, then sucking on the sensitive nub. I groan and push his head harder into me, surprising both myself and him. I moan loudly and grip his curls between my fingers. His tongue swipes over my inner core, spreading my lips as he goes.


I know the end is near when his tongue enters me. His nose tickles my clitoris as his tongue moves in fast circles inside of me. “Oh God.” I moan again the knot ties in my stomach. Harry starts rubbing circles on my inner thighs, trying to comfort me.


“Find your release baby. Let go for me.” He speaks against me, sending vibrations throughout my body and I finally come. I feel the beneath me start to turn into a red liquid. I gasp when I realize that blood is surrounding us. I turn my head to look at Harry, but there’s no one. Suddenly a bright light hits my face and I scream out loud.


“London! London wake up!” I hear a female voice and shaking against my shoulders. I open my eyes and see my mother sitting in front of me, on my bed and looking at me with concern. That’s when it all hits me, I was just dreaming. It was a great dream gone bad.


“Sorry mom, must’ve been a nightmare.” I say flatly and she smiles at me sympathetically. Not long  after that she leaves. I look at the clock standing on my bedside table and see that it is 07:11. Great, gives me about 40 minutes to get ready and leave for school. I throw the covers off of my legs and gasp. Blood is stained on my just washed white sheets. Now it all makes sense, the blood in my nightmare must have been my warning; the red devil is inside of my stomach for the next 5-9 days.





After school, I quickly rush to my car to get to the police station. Harry called me this morning arranging with me to go pick up Lux and then meet him at some gym. I yank open the door, throw in my bags and then get in. I buckle up and press play on my built in CD player. When the song Rock Me from the band One Republic (A/N: Just pretend that it’s One Republic singing the song in the story, though I’m talking about the One Direction song c: ) comes on, I instantly switch it off. I’ve been on edge all day, feelings things that I don’t normally do. I don’t know if it’s because of that dream I had or me being held prisoner by the red devil, but my hormones are all over the place.


I sigh and start the ignition and start my drive to the police station.


 When I finally get there, not a lot of officers are present, but I do spot the one that had come to my house. I make my way over to him and patiently wait for him to finish his discussion with one of his co-workers before addressing the subject, the reason I am here; to get Lux and take her to Harry.



“Hi, I’m here to pick up Lux Styles.” I smile at him and he laughs. I frown and he gives me an ‘are you serious?’ look.


“Look darling, you’re still a minor. No way I’m letting you take a five year old.” He laughs and I roll my eyes. My head racks for ideas to cover up my story for needing to come get.


“I’m in contact with her aunt in California. She’s arranged for Lux to stay with her for the time being. I’ll be travelling with her across the border and back on my own. If you don’t believe me, call her.” I say sternly. He looks slightly taken aback. After a while he hesitantly agrees to let me have Lux. I follow him into his office and see Lux, in the arms of a young woman, looking about twenty five or older.


“She’s come to get the kid.” The man states and she smiles warmly at me. I return the gesture and move to pick up Lux who has now been left on the ground.


“I’m taking you to Harry.” I whisper in her ear and she instantly grabs onto my hand. They hand me some of her things and we’re left to go.




I park my car in front of the gym where Harry told me to meet him and I’m utterly baffled. It clearly states on the sign by the door that they close up at 4 o’clock on Mondays and yet Harry still chose for me to meet him at this place? I sigh and pull my keys out of the ignition and open up my door. It slams behind me and just then, I hear a car pulling up. I turn around and smile, Harry’s black Range Rover stops right next to mine and in a jiffy Harry is standing in front of me. I lean up and peck his lips.


“Mind telling me what the hell we’re doing here?” I ask and he chuckles and bites his lip. Something deep inside of me shoots up in an electrical spark and I feel more attracted to Harry than ever. I look behind me at the car and see Lux looking at us. Harry follows my gaze and I swear I see his whole face brighten up at the image of his sister. He looks at me, as if asking me if he’s allowed to go to her. I laugh and push him towards my white SUV.


I watch as the two of them happily hug and smile at the view in front of him. Lux really is his whole world. My feet drag me across the concrete to them and I place my hand on Harry’s shoulder. He moves his eyes to meet mine and smiles genuinely at me. He leans in to place a kiss on my lips, but at the last second I move my face so his lips land on my cheek. He looks at me confused, but I just smile and follow him as he walks around the gym.


I spot a ‘No Entry’ door and Harry pulls  a key out of his pocket. I observe him unlock the door and push the door open. He motions for me to follow him and Lux in and I do so. When I’m inside I see a bed, a tiny kitchen with a fridge and stove and then around a corner, a toilet and bath.


“My buddy Niall’s hooked me up with a place to stay. His brother, Greg owns the gym. Told me I could stay here, he was good friends with my mom.” Harry explains. I nod understandingly as Harry places Lux’s two bags on the ground and sits her down on the bed.





I smile as I watch Harry tuck Lux into the bed, kissing her forehead softly. He grabs some blankets and pillows and shows for me to go out of the door. I step out of the tiny living space and Harry switches off all lights and joins me outside. He lays down to blankets on the ground and two pillows along with it. He sits down on the wool blanket and smiles up at me.


“Come here.” He gestures for me to come sit with him, opening his arms up widely. I grin and move over to him, sitting down beside him. His arm rests over my shoulder and he pulls me down to lie down next to him. Kisses my forehead and I tense up and look up at the sky. Stars already high up in the darkness of the atmosphere.


“Don’t you find it weird how you can see the planets with a telescope, but not with the naked eyes?” Harry asks after a couple of silently comfortable minutes. I choke on air and Harry looks at me concerned.


“Please don’t say the word naked.” I beg and he laughs loudly in ear. Kissing my cheek.

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