Everlasting Love.

This may just seem like another love story. A boy, the popular one with all the friends. A girl, the geek known as the loner. But no. This is no ordinary love story. 29th of June it happened. She fell and he picked her up from the road. She was 16. He was 20. They couldn't be together. Even though when their eyes fell on each other. Love at first sight. When you feel empty and like there is nothing left for you.... There will always be everlasting love.


2. Feelings: Evangelina

I ran home that day not knowing what to do, Who was that anyway? It was probably rude of me just to up and leave though...not saying thank you and all. I sighed replaying the thought in my head.

I sat on my bed. Why would he even help me. ME! How would he even had noticed. I pulled out my book again thinking that reading would calm me down a bit. At dinner I didn't tell my mom and dad that a strange man had just helped me like in the movies, for some reason I don't think they would have approved. I quickly did the dishes and ran back to my room,

I change into my pajamas, looking out the window I saw the man again, did he follow me here!? No, No, No, No! I started panicking but then I realized he was walking past my house. He looked at my house straight into my window at me, as he walked under a street lamp I saw him smiling. I hid around the corner so that he could no longer see me. I peeked out the window to see him again, though, he was gone. I sighed getting under my covers, So...He knows where I live...Lovely. I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if he just went up to my door telling my parents everything. This was going to be a long night.

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