Everlasting Love.

This may just seem like another love story. A boy, the popular one with all the friends. A girl, the geek known as the loner. But no. This is no ordinary love story. 29th of June it happened. She fell and he picked her up from the road. She was 16. He was 20. They couldn't be together. Even though when their eyes fell on each other. Love at first sight. When you feel empty and like there is nothing left for you.... There will always be everlasting love.


1. 29th Of June

29th of june. The day it happened. She was walking down the high street. Head in a book, her eyes framed by her glasses. He was leaning agaist the bus shelter. In a worn blazer and V-neck T-shirt. dirt covered jeans around his legs. In and out her blew. Inhale the smoke exhale the smoke. Easy. She looked up at him. A look of disgust on her face. 

'A smoker' 

She thought her mouth in a scowl. Her eyes in a glare. Out of no where he came. His brown hair blowing through the breeze. The sun pounded on her thick uniform as she weaved in and out of people. Her head still in a book. In and out. Easy. Her pristine shoes made their way along the cobbled streets. Her ponytail swinging from side to side. He followed her. Gracefully through the bodies of people, The souls of the lost. Her head still in the book she walked. Went to cross the road with a few seconds before a car came whizzing past. She would have made it. If her pristine shoes didn't make her trip on the cobbled roads. Down she went. In slow motion for him. His running more like walking. Her falling more like lying. He reached her before she hit the tarmaced road. Her book in his hand. Her glasses between his teeth. With that glance she knew she was in love. With those minutes he spent looking at her make her way through the cobbled streets he knew he was in love.


This wasn't normal love for Greg and Evangeline.


This was Everlasting Love.

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