Forever Love

Emma has been bullied and everyone is mean to her besides her two friends El and Perrie. That all changes when she meets a certain boy, but when all the hate comes in will that change? Will. A few exes show up? Read to find out


5. Time of My Life

A/N  I will update every single day that I can so. So I need a girlfriend for Niall and Liam tell me you name and I will put you in the story. LUV YOU J





Emma’s POV


I got my jacket and headed back to the door when I heard voice and all I hear is


“You hurt her I will hurt you I dance and kick box got it Styles and if she gets one word of hate don’t be surprised if I tell your fans off on twitter.”


“I promise I wont hurt your sister” Harry said.


“You better or it will be on a poppin”


“ Gianna don’t scare him before we go on a date.”


“ Its fine I don’t mind” Harry said as he chuckled.


“ alright im ready are you?” I asked Harry.


“Yup” He replied.


“ I want her back bye 12:00 5 minuets early is 5 minuets late”


“ Got it” Harry said.


“ Bye sis”


“ Bye gianna”


“ Bye”



We had to be  in the car for like 20minuets now and we were by a whole bunch of back roads, then all of a sudden Harry turned off into the words.


“ where are we going Harry your scaring me.” He just chuckled and we  pulled up to a frozen lake and a picnic area. I had no words it had dimmed lights and decorations it was so pretty.


“ you like it”


“Nope” He looked disappointed. “I love it”

“Oh thank goodness.”


“Wait are we skating” He shook his head. “ I haven’t went ice skating in years because I stopped.”


“ Looks like your going today I have went in years either” He walked over to a tree and pulled out two pairs of skate and handed me a pair I put them on and then Harry put on his.


“Ready?” He asked.


“Yup, but this is probably going to be hard” I said a s I got on the ice. He was a gentlemen the whole time.  I got the hang of it then I remember what my dad taught me when I was 16 last year. I performed the triple threat forgetting Harry was their and when I turned around his jaw was hung right open.


“Hold on back the truck up how did you do that” I just giggled at his reaction.


“My dad taught me last year before he died”


 “ Oh Im sorry. Are you ready to eat.” He asked changing the subject.


“ Yup”


We ate for like and hour then I checked the time it was 8:00. Then I remembered that he wanted me to meet the lads.


“ Hey Harry didn’t you want me to meet the lads? Because it is 8:00”


“Oh yea I almost forgot just let me pack up the food” We packed up the food then we walked back to his car. We got in the car and started driving.


“ Alright im letting you know right now that the lads are very energetic and they goof around a lot so don’t mind them is they say something silly. Oh yea don’t be scared if Louis hugs you he loves hugs.” He said as we pulled up to a huge house.


“Wow” Is all I could say.  Harry stopped the car and we got out. When we walked inside we were heard a bunch of laughing

“ We’re here!” Harry shouted.


“ In here Harry!” I heard an Irish accent say.


When we walked in I saw 4 boys on the couch watching TV.


“ Hey everyone this is Emma” Everyone smiled and waved.

“HI IM LOUIS! THE CARROT KING!” Louis shouted.


“ My god Louis she can hear she’s not deaf” The one with black hair said.


“Im Liam they call me daddy direction because the most mature also” I waved and smiled.


“Im Niall the Irish boy”


“ And Im Zayn the quit one” I went to go shake their hands, but Louis pulled me into this massive hug.


“ Did I forget to tell you that im a hugger” when he pulled away my face was red.


“ Really Louis how are you the oldest, but act the youngest and she couldn’t breath in that hug because now her face is red” Harry said as he smacked Louis on top of his head.


“ Hey you wanna watch a movie?” Zayn asked.


“Sure, but what movie?” I asked .


“ I don’t know, but what ab-”


“ Cabin in the woods!” Liam shouted. I hate scary movies.


“ I hate scary movies” I said.


“ You can just cuddle up with Harry” Zayn said making smoochy faces.


“ Shut up” Harry said smacking him.


“ Fine but if I get scared im telling on you to Gianna” I said pointing to Harry.


“ Who’s Gianna?” Niall asked.


“ You’ll find out sooner or later” Harry said.


“Alright the movies ready” Liam said as Zayn and Louis walked in with 4 bowls of popcorn. One for me and Harry, then Liam and Louis, and Zayn and Niall, but Niall for some reason got 2 bowls of popcorn.


“ Hey how come he gets two I bet I eat more than him”


“ Wait NO body eats More food than Niall I can tell you that right now, plus you are like perfectly fit how can you eat so much for a small body.” Harry said.


“ Do Gymnastics, dance, and tumbling you tell me”


“OHH I love seeing people flipping can we see you at the gym do your thing?” Louis asked jumping up and down like a 5 year old on Christmas.


“ Sure why don’t you all meet me at the gym tomorrow”


“ Ok now can we watch the movie before Niall eats all of the popcorn?” Zayn whined.


“Yea.” I replied they started the movie. About an hour into the movie every time a scary part came on I would just hide in Harry’s chest. Then near the end I looked at Louis and he screamed and jumped on Liam.


“ DADDY!!”


“Get off me you big baby.” By then the movie was over and everyone laughed at Louis’ outburst.


I looked at the time and it was 11:30.


“ Harry can you take me home my sister is going to kill you if I am not home by 11:55.”


“ Yea come on” He said getting up and grabbing his keys.


“Bye” They all chorused.


“ Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow” I replied. “ Oh yea and you guys can meet my friends and my sister tomorrow.” ME and Harry walked out the door and got in the car. When we pulled into my dive way my sister was looking out the window like a hawk. I looked my phone and saw that it was 11:55.


“ My sister is not going to be thrilled” We got out the car and walked inside.


“ Well, well, well look at the two cuties” She said as we walked inside.


“Your not mad?” Harry asked.


“ NO because I saw this on twitter.” She pulled out her phone and there was a picture of Harry and I on twitter. You couldn’t see my face clearly though. I was glad of that.


“ At least you can see you face” Harry said smiling.


“ I know, but how did they get that picture we were in the woods?”


“I don’t know, but as long as they don’t get your face I’m fine.”


“ Well I have to go night love ill text you. Bye Gianna”


“ Night Harry” I said.


“ Bye” Gianna said.When Harry closed the door Gi gave me that look like tell me all the details.


“ Fine ill tell you what happened, but let me shower first.” Later that night when I finished telling Gi what happened I went to my room and fell asleep.

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