Forever Love

Emma has been bullied and everyone is mean to her besides her two friends El and Perrie. That all changes when she meets a certain boy, but when all the hate comes in will that change? Will. A few exes show up? Read to find out


2. The Call

  Emma's P.O.V

        My life is horrible!!!! Everyone hates me and I have only a few friend that really care about me Perrie and El. Even my own sister is supportive to me too. I walked into my school and opened my locker to grab my books and went to class. When I got there everyone looked at me and started giggling at me. I wondered why then I looked up and saw a bucket, it fell over and dumped on me it was filled with raw egg yolk, feathers, and whipped cream. Everyone laughed hysterically. I went to my locker crying grabbed my stuff and ran home. Then I stopped and sat down crying on the London streets. I just sat there a cried. I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and I saw a familiar face, but I couldn't make out through the tears.

" Are you ok" his voice sounded nice I stood up and I saw who it was it was Harry. Harry Styles from One Direction.

" Um yea" I said sniffling.

" You don't look ok" he said sweetly. We stared at each other and it was awkward silence.

" Um I have to get home" I said quietly.

" Ok" He said as I started walking away he grabbed my arm gently. " Can I have your number" He  said.

" Um sure" He pulled out his phone and put it in his contacts.

"Whats your name."

" Emma" I said nervously.

"Well Ill call you tonight you probably already know my name" he said as he chuckled.

I waved and started walking home feeling amazing.


* Later that Night*

When I got home I took a shower and washed my hair then sat down on my bed. I heard my phone buzz I looked at it and it was a text from Perrie.

I saw what happened in school today Em.

Yea it was so embarrassing.

Im still trying to figure out who did it.

Thanks, but Im to bummed to know who did it.

Im still going to figure it out with Elearnore.

K text u later.

Bye luv ya.

Luv you to.


I laid back down on my bed and  I got a call. Unknown number I answered it.

"Hello is this Emma" the voice said.

" Yes" 

" Its Harry"

"Oh hi harry how are you"

"wonderful how about you"

" ok"

" well do you wanna go to the movies tonight."

" um sure"

" great ill pick you up at 6"

" ok see you" 



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