Forever Love

Emma has been bullied and everyone is mean to her besides her two friends El and Perrie. That all changes when she meets a certain boy, but when all the hate comes in will that change? Will. A few exes show up? Read to find out


4. Date



A/N Sorry for not updating for a while I promise you wont be disappointed with these chapters.


               Emma's POV

When I hung up from Harry I felt happy, but I don't know why I was just going to hang out with a boy. Oh well looks like Im oing to have to deal with it.

* Next Morning*

" Emma wake up its time for school" My mum yelled in my room. I looked at the time and I only had 20 minuets to get up. I rushed out of be and took a shower and threw on a neon crop top and jeans. When I got downstairs my sister was eating pancakes.

" Morning sis" Said Gianna when I walked in the kitchen.

" Morning Gi" when I sat at the table my mum put a plate of pancakes in front of me.

" Sweetie, um I got a call from your teacher saying that you left school early because of a prank that some mean kids did to you. Are you ok?" My mum asked.

" Um yea" I put on a fake smile, but I could tell Gi was not buying it. I hurried with finishing my pancakes and hurried outside to walk to school. Then a whole bunch of kids started laughing at me when I got on the school grounds. BOY THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG DAY.

* After school*

I didn't feel like walking home so I just took the bus. I sat all the way in the back then El and Perrie cam and sat with me.

" Hey how was your day Em ." Perrie asked.

" Same as everyday will be" I responded.

" hey don't let jerks bring you down u are amazing and nobody can say different. " El said to me.

" Thank El well this is my stop" as the bus came to a big jolt.

" Bye" Perrie and El chorused.

" bye " I replied. when I got off the bus I saw Harry standing in the same spot we met yesterday smiling at me.

" hey beautiful" He said.

" hi I thought you were picking me up at 6"

" I know, but I wanted to tell you in person that after we hang out I want you to meet the lads."

" ok sure. See you later Harry."

" see you"

On my way home I could not stop smiling. When I got home Gianna was sitting in the lounge watching tv.

" I have to tell you something" I said to her happily.

" ohh what puts you in a good mood she asked.

" that I have a date with Harry Styles tonight and I want you to help me get ready"

" say what now the Harry Styles"

" sure do"

" im in come on" she jumped off the couch and dragged me upstairs so I could get ready.

" wait let me call El and Perrie so they can help they're my BFF's. "

" kk wait where r u going."

" I don't now ill text hi as soon as im finished telling El and Perrie to come over."

When I sent the text they said they would be over in 5. Then I called Harry.

" hello Harry its me Emma where are we going so I know what to where?"

" that's for me to know and you to find out. Just where something warm."

" k bye"

" bye love"

Then I hung up and heard the doorbell ring. I ran downstairs and answered the door and El and Perrie run straight to my room.

" alright who's the lucky guy" Perrie shouted excitedly.

" This isn't a normal guy this is Harry Styles shes goin out with" Gianna responded.

" I can talk and yes Harry is taking me on a date."

" OMG we need to make you even prettier then" Sad El.

" what did Harry say to wear?" Gianna asked.

" he told me to wear something warm, but wont ell me where we are going" I said.

" alright then lets get you ready." Said Gianna.


It too about and hour and I was finally ready. I was wearing a cute sweater with some black leggings and a beanie and UGG's with my hair curled with black gloves. It was 6 and Harry would be here any minute. The doorbell rang and I knew it was Harry so I answered the door and Harry stood there and looked handsome.

" Hey you look beautiful" Harry said I smiled.

" thank you, you don't look too bad yourself. let me get my jack and ill be ready."

" sure thing"




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