The Secret Society of Runaways

A group of teens attempt to run away from their controlling hometown, where Token makes life a living hell for all who live within the walls.


1. Tuesday


   “Hey gorgeous!” She spun around quickly, hoping that the words were for her. But no one else was in the hall with her. “Of course not,” Casey muttered, jumping as an arm slid around her shoulders. “Of course not, what?” “Fuck, Ethan! You can’t just pop out of nowhere like that!” Ethan chuckled and let his arm drop off of her body. Unmarried teens of opposite genders aren’t allowed to touch each other, it goes against Token. “I just like to make your heart race,” he winked and pointed at the flashing heart monitor on her chest. Caseys’ hands immediately flew up to her chest in an attempt to cover the embarrassing flashing light and a blush quickly made it’s way up her facial features. She frowned at Ethan. “You’re going to get us both murdered, going against Token.” He merely shrugged, “It would be worth it, even if it were just for putting my arm around you.” Her heart continued to race, “No, it wouldn’t. And besides, it’s almost Thursday.” He smiled at her, “Oh yeah, it’s almost Thursday.” 

   Casey and Ethan had planned to escape the town that Thursday with their friend, Lana, and her younger sister. Token is unfair, and they all know that it is, which is why they had planned to sneak away from the walls of their town. 

   Casey was being forced to marry a boy named Ray, but he had a really big nose and she hated him, and nobody cared that she did. Her parents set her up for an early marriage because they needed the money and the extra help around the house. Other than the recent marriage proposal from her parents, they paid no attention to her. They felt she was nothing special. Just an ordinary girl, that could never add up to her older siblings. 

   Lana and Jamie wanted to leave because their parents disappeared. They went to protest against Token with hundreds of other parents, only to never come home. A police man showed up at their door that night, only to tell Lana and Jamie that they’d have to do it all on their own now because their parents were out of the picture. Token refused to answer any of the peoples questions relating to the disappearance of hundreds that night. Lana and Casey had talked about running away since they were little and now, they had a reason to find a better life for themselves. 

  Ethan wouldn’t tell anyone why he was going with them. But Casey hoped she was the reason. 

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