The Oceans Of Skaro

Ocean is about to meet someone who she would never though if running away with.
She has to make a decision that will decide her fate.


3. The Ocean

The Doctor grabbed my hand and opened the door. It was beautiful, the red sky with two suns and then I saw the landscape. Pollution filled a fraction of the air, the smoke from the buildings' chimneys and the Daleks. They were horrible things, one eye with blue light in the middle and two weapons. One looked like a plunger and the other looked like a whisk.

"Ocean, this is Skaro the planet of the Daleks. You have to stay with me while we're here, the Daleks will kill you without hesitation do you understand?" He said, he had a look of anger on his face which didn't suit him very well.

"I will stay with you Doctor, I will do as you say." I replied quite scared. We then went down a hill and saw what was a Dalek rubbish dump. Everywhere there were Daleks piled ontop of each other.

"Are you sure Doctor?" I asked cowardly.

He then replied but the answer was not what I was hoping for.

"I don't know, but not knowing is part if the adventure"

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