The Oceans Of Skaro

Ocean is about to meet someone who she would never though if running away with.
She has to make a decision that will decide her fate.


5. The Master Dalek

"Doctor, where are we going? I want to go back home!"

I complained because I don't think I am safe with the Doctor. I almost died for crying out loud!

"There could be something amazing here! I thought you liked adventures?"

Said the Doctor running at a fast pace out of the dump, I soon caught up with him. But then I looked up and saw that we were surrounded by metal machines with one eye. They were the Daleks and we were going to die.

"Doctor. You and your companion will come with us."

A Dalek spoke, each word sounded like a sentence of its own. We were then escorted to a massive tower in the centre of the city.

"Ocean, we never should if come here."

The Doctor whispered from the corner of his mouth. Well obviously it was a bad idea coming to a planet where the things that live on it want to kill you!!! I gave him a face that meant I wanted to strangle him and leave the Daleks to kill him!!!

"Don't worry, I have a plan!"

The Doctor smirked and took out of his pocket a device that mad a REALLY annoying sound. After the sound stopped the Daleks seemed to of shut down!

"Doctor what is that thing?!"

I said pointing at the weird contraption.

"This is a sonic screwdriver! One of my prized possessions."

He sounded quite proud. I thought it was the weirdest thing I have seen in my life! The Doctor then headed to an elevator and pushed me in! Why would he go to where all the danger is? I might die again!

We went to the top floor and when the doors opened I nearly fainted, there was a Dalek cut open and there was a creature with one eye that looked like a smaller version of an octopus. He then wined.

"Ah Doctor, I have waited millenniums to meet you."

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