The Oceans Of Skaro

Ocean is about to meet someone who she would never though if running away with.
She has to make a decision that will decide her fate.


4. The Immortal Girl

We were walking through the dump, I suddenly had a thought that the view of the dump looked quite like an ocean.

"Doctor, do you think the view of the dump looked like an ocean?"

I whispered in his ear. He then replied in a whisper like I had done.

"Yes it does a bit doesn't it."

I suddenly felt dizzy and found it hard to breathe, I felt my knees give way and I crashed to the ground. The Doctor caught me before my head crashed to the ground.

"Ocean? Ocean what's wrong?!"

The Doctor yelled at me with a look of confusion and sadness.


I managed to utter the words out of my mouth before everything started to go dark. I though my eyes would shut for the last time, but then I woke up in a circular room. The Doctor was standing and pacing around the room.

"Ocean! I'm so glad you're alive!"

The Doctor screamed and the feel to the floor and held me in his arms. I swear I felt a tear roll down his face onto my neck. How could I of survived when I stop breathing?

"Doctor, how did I survive? I couldn't breathe."

I stuttered, I thought I was about to cry as well.

"I don't know Ocean. You were dead, stone cold dead because there is so much pollution that there was no more air for you to breathe and then you...came back from the dead."

Recited The Doctor, but how come he was still breathing when I 'died'? I then asked him.

"How come you didn't stop breathing like I did?"

He gave me a nervous look like he didn't want to tell me.

"I'm a time lord, I am from the planet Galiefray. I have two hearts and can regenerate and change my looks."

He blurted out, after he did he looked like he never wanted to say it again.

"Doctor I don't believe you have two hearts it completely impossible!"

I answered. He then walked towards me and took my right hand, he placed it on his chest. I could feel his heart beating, he then placed it next to where my hand was. I could feel another heartbeat, he really was an alien. I was in shock, so he was immortal?

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