The Oceans Of Skaro

Ocean is about to meet someone who she would never though if running away with.
She has to make a decision that will decide her fate.


1. Mad man with a box

My name is Ocean and I am 22.

All my life I have had a thrill for adventure and danger. I got into a lot of trouble when I was at school but I still got a great job. To me the world seems boring, there needs to be more exciting things in life.

I know this sounds impossible but my life changed in 20 minutes. Yes 20 minutes, by a man called the Doctor.

I was walking to the post office to collect a parcel. Then suddenly a man with red braces, a bow tie and a fez came running out of the post office screaming,


I thought he was out of his mind, he probably lost a bet with one of his mates. That would explain how he was dressed, he ran up to me and took my hand and stopped when he was in an alley way with a big blue box at the end of the alley. I think it read.


He then asked me, "Sorry to seem so rude where are my manners! I'm the doctor, and you are?"

I thought he was going to ask for my number, but then I replied, "Ocean. Can I just ask, are you here to get my number because I'm not giving it to you!"

He looked offended and hurt, by his expression he was trying to compute what I just said. Then he stood upright with his face quite confused and said, "Why would I want your number? You're here to help me with something of course like I said, and you said yes!"

"I never said that to you and I don't remember you asking for help." I said with a stern look on my face. He obviously them remembered he hadn't and started to open the door to the blue box. He slammed the door shut and about 30 seconds later came back out and handed me a silver pocket watch with strange circular engravings on one side.

"Tell me, what do you see?" He whispered like someone was also in the alley and he didn't want them to hear. I was about to ask him where but then he pointed at the watch. I started to see the engravings move around in circles, he smiled at me and said. "You're the one"

He them grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the blue box. I was about to scream but then I couldn't seem to grasp the power of speech. This blue happened to be bigger on the inside!

"It-it-it's b-b-bigger on the inside! How can that happen!" I said struggling to get the words out of my mouth. How could this be real? I am sure the box wasn't stuck to the wall.

"How can I be sure you're not part of an evil gang and your kidnapping me?" I said sounding desperate which I didn't mean to do.

He had a smile on his face and came closer and said

"Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

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