Strings attached

He stood there staring at me as i said those three words 'no strings attached' his eyes looked hurt but his face looked angry 'no strings attached i kept whispering to myself to make me believe it. But those words are still engraved in my mind he said 'no matter how much we try to push our feelings for each other away it hurts us and each other no matter how much we say no strings attached there is strings attached' those words I will take to my grave and carved on my stone

Cassie Walters 20 year old college student with no intention of finding love finds love anyway but she keeps trying to push them away but they both know the feelings won't stop @copyrights all rights reserved


1. first day of school

"Did we have to move to America!" I screamed

"Honey your father got promoted if anything it is a good thing please try" my mom said

I walked to school with no one I walked in the school everyone stopped what they were doing and watched me well all tgirls.i wore a tank top saying yolo and denom shorts and converses I walked to class I sat down and waited the teacher come in and there was two spaces left one next to me and one next to a blonde head a curly haired guy come in "harry your late" the teacher said ,harry sat by me he was covered in tattoos no just no I was like ok "Yo baby" he says I look at him and gave him a death glare he put his hand on my thigh I be like nu uh so I smacked his hand away "FUCK OFF😡" I said to him "feisty ay? Oh I do love my girls feisty" he said I gasped then the bell went i got up and walked "hi I'm Perrie" a girl said " cassie" I replied simply "oh I heard bout you Harry's girl." She said " I'm not Harry's girl who told you that?" I asked "Harry" she answers simply "I'm going to kill him" I vowed "good luck with that" she teased I rolled my eyes as I walked away I sat at the back and Perrie saved me from harry and sat next to i saw harry I glared at him he smiled I rolled my eyes he winked and started to draw and so did I but every few minutes I felt him look at me I glared I drawn a bird on a tree flying in a sun heart I felt someone nudge me I looked up at Harry's work and he drawn me I ignored the jealous look from other girls and well it was time to go home and I was walking when I heared someone say "back away from harry he's mine" I said "good you can have him" as I walked in the door

Chapter two

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