She is a princess.
He is a prince.

One tragic incident occurs, and Harry rebels.

He does the opposite of what is told. He parties and sleeps around.

What happens when him and his father is told to live with the princess for the winter? Will he corrupt her, or she corrupt him?

This is mine, but I got the idea from a fanfic on Wattpad.


1. Prologue/Baby Princess

King Gregory and Queen Hilary have given birth to a beautiful princess. Princess Madelynn. Queen Hilary's best friend Queen Anne is here supporting with her two year old son Harry. "Mummy, look, it's a baby" The young Harry says to his mother, and pulls at her coat.


"Yes Harry, it is. This is Madelynn." Queen Anne tell him. Queen Hilary smiles down at Madelynn and presses a single kiss to her forehead. "I love you baby" She whispers to her. King Gregory leans over and presses a kiss to her little cheek and pulls away.


"Can I kiss her too mummy?" Harry asks in a whiney tone. She laughs and looks at him. "It's up to King and Queen. Ask them" She says to young Harry. Harry looks at the King and Queen with big eyes. "Can I kiss her too?" He asks. King Gregory looks at Harry. "Yes son, you may." Queen Hilary brings Madelynn down to Harry's height and Harry presses a single kiss to little Madelynn's lips.


Baby Madelynn opens her eyes and stares at Harry with a big gummy smile.


Little did they know, that single kiss, had a lot more meaning than they thought.







It's short, but it's a prologue. so, yeah...

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