She is a princess.
He is a prince.

One tragic incident occurs, and Harry rebels.

He does the opposite of what is told. He parties and sleeps around.

What happens when him and his father is told to live with the princess for the winter? Will he corrupt her, or she corrupt him?

This is mine, but I got the idea from a fanfic on Wattpad.


2. About Time

About TIme


"Have you heard about the Queen and Prince of Glarice?" My best friend, which is also my cooks best friend. I roll my eyes, "Yes, how could I not? Everyone is talking about them." I say in a scoff. She finishes plaiting my hair to the side, and looks at me. "You want to hear the stories I have heard about him?" Shayna asks. I roll my eyes.


"I don't really-" She cuts me off. "He is amazing in bed. He has fucked pretty much anything that has a pussy and breasts." She says, I feel my face get hot at her choice of words. "Really? Why must you use those terms?"  I say in a groan. She goes to reply when there is a knock at my door.


"What?" I ask loudly. My door opens and in comes my favourite person. My guard. "Joseph!" I shout and jump up from my bed. He has been a fatherly figure to me for my whole life, considering my father is a king and is always too busy for me. "How's my favourite princess?" Shayna answers ahead of me. "Oh, I am wonderful, thanks for asking Joseph" She says proudly.


He chuckles, "I'm glad to hear that Shay. Now how are you Madelynn?" He asks. Shayna just laughs and punches his arm. "I am well. What did you need?" I ask referring to his visit. "Oh yes, King Gregory and Queen Hilary are awaiting for your presense for the arrival of Queen and Prince Styles. You are ordered to dress appropriately and to hurry your way downstairs." He says formally.


"Fine." I huff. "Thank you Joseph. Way to be formal" I say with a smile. "I do not know what you are speaking of princess." He says in a posh tone. "Bye Joseph." I say in a laugh. He chuckles at me, "Goodbye Princess Madelynn" He exits my room, making the door shut with a 'click'.


"Shay?" I ask, turning to my best friend. "Yes?" She says. "Will you go pick me out an outfit?" I ask with a sheepish smile. "You are so fucking lazy. Why do I like you?" She says sarcastically. I laugh and roll around on my bed. "Because you love me" I sing-songed. "What ever." She says, biting her lips to hold back a smile, but failing miserably.


"Here. Put it on." She says throwing me my items. I rid of my clothing and put the outfit on. Tight red skirt that ended a little above my knees, a red lacy shirt and some black vans. I'm not a typical princess as you might tell. I remove the plait Shayna had done and let my blonde dyed ends over my shoulder. (Its lily Collins hair where it's blonde at the bottoms)


"Let's go downstairs." I say in a sigh. "Yeah, I wana see this sexy prince and see if he's fucking material." Shayna says, causing me to roll my eyes. "You're disgusting." I tell her, making her laugh.


By the time we reach downstairs, she is still talking about him and sex. "Just because you're a virgin, doesn't mean you have to act so bashful everytime I say sex." She says, I slap her arm. "Shut u


"Oh, Princess Madelynn, they are waiting in the ball room in front of the main entranse." One of my guards says to me. "Hey, I'll go talk with my father in the kitchen, tell me if he is sexy or not." She says and winks, leaving in the direction of the kitchen.


"Ah, there's my daughter. Come, child." I roll my eyes. Im 20 years old, not a fucking child. "Im not a child father. I am an adult" I say through gritted teeth, and a fake smile. "Hello mother" I greet. "Hello, dear. They should be arriving anytime." She assures. I stand there, crossing my arms.


"Well, let's go greet them outside. Madelynn, you can show them to their rooms when they arrive." My father orders. I sigh, "Alright, father." I sigh, running my hand through my hair. "They're here! Queen and Prince Styles have arrived!" The outside guards shout happily. I groan, and me, my father and mother, start towards the outside.


The main doors to the entranse open, allowing a limo of sorts, to drive in the gates. My father opens the door, and out steps a beautiful woman. Dark hair, light green eyes, and dimples. She was a perfect woman. That must be Queen Anne Styles.(I'm not gona use Twist just yet)


"King Gregory! Queen Hilary! How are you? It's been ages." She says and hugs both of my parents, once she gets to me, she stops. "Madelynn?" I smile small and give her a little wave. "That would be me." I tell her. Her eyes widen in shock, and she touches my face. "You have grown to be so beautiful." She tells me, just barely above a whisper.


I look away, "Thank you." I say sheepishly. Anne stands up fully and moves to the limo. "Harold, get your bum out of that limo, and greet yourself." She scolds, the person, or Harold, that is still seated in the car. I hear a sigh, and out steps a boy. His lanky legs covered in tight black skinnys, his long torso covered with a black shirt, and his feet covered with black boots. Atop his head, is a set of curls, pushed back with a skull bandana. He is all-in-all attractive.


"Hey." He greets, oh so enthusiastically. "Harold! Greet like you were taught!" His mother scolds. "My name is Harry, mum" He says through gritted teeth. "Hello, King Gregory, Queen Hilary." He shakes my fathers hand, and kisses my mum's hand. He turns to me, and it's like the world stopped moving. He walks to me, and grabs my hand, smirking. "Hello, Princess Madelynn. Been a while" He whispers, kissing my hand slowly. He moves his head to my ear, and blows in it, whispering, "You've grown so well." And gently nibbles my earlobe.


I push him away slightly, and blush. My face as red as a tomato. "Thank you Prince Harry." I say quietly. He smirks and throws his bag over his shoulder, still starring at me. "Okay, uh, Madelynn, please show Queen Anne and Prince Harry, to their rooms." My father says, not even noticing the contact between Harry and I.


I gulp, and nod. I walk ahead of Harry and Anne, and whistle. "Guards!" I shout. George, Stan, and Ralph all show up. "Yes, Princess?" They say in unison. "Take their bags to their rooms, please." I say nicely. "Yes, princess." They say once again in unison. I hear Harry chuckle behind me, to which I ignore.


We walk up the stairs, and I show Anne to her room. "This will be your room Anne, feel free to make yourself at home." I tell her. She smiles, "Thank you dear, it's lovely." She sets her things down and starts unpacking. Unfortunately for me, Harry's room is directly in front of mine.


"You know, princess..." He trails off. "We could have fun, if you'd like." He says. "Well, I don't like." I say and cross my arms. "Here's your room." I tell him emotionless. He just smirks, and goes into the room, I turn around and go to my room, "Ahh, so I can get a good view of you, princess. Maybe we could sneak out at night and fuck in my room, yeah?" He says, making my face feel hot at his words. "You're such a perv. What? Didn't get enough pussy at your kingdom?" I ask, shocking myself at my term.


"Oh believe me, when I say, I got it all." He says proudly. I scoff, "Well, you won't here. Stay away from every girl in my kingdom. We don't need any manwhores." I say, crossing my arms, and going to my bed. I sit on the edge, and look up. Harry is standing in my doorway. "Get off of my door." I demand. "Did you call me a manwhore?" He asks, a emotion flashes across his face, to which I cannot exactly pin point which one.


"Yes." I state simply. He smirks and walks towards me. He pushes me back on the bed, his body hovering over mine. "Then I guess I'll have to start acting like one, yeah?" He says, and presses his lips to my neck. I push him away. "When I said, stay away from every girl in my kingdom, that goes for me too." I say. He looks shocked, yet bewildered that I had pushed him away.


"You'll want me one day, princess." He says in a singing tone, walking away to his bedroom.




//// sorry it sucks lol. I have never been good at first chapters. sorry. :)



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