Interrupted Love


1. love

  She loved him like there's no tomorrow

He loved her back and asked to borrow.

Borrow her heart, but keep it forever

Everyone knew they were together.

His hand fits hers like a puzzle piece

They both knew their love would never cease.

One day he saw her hug someone else. He felt like he was on fire

She told him that she didn't but that proved that she was a liar.

Why did this happen to him. DId he not give her enough?

He forgave her for that part but again she declined.

Obviously, their relationship was starting to tear. But the only thing on his mind was could it be refined?

A month goes by and she finally comes clean.

They guy that he had seen.

The two had been talking.

If only she wouldn't have lied.

If only she hadn't met that guy.

Something deep in his stomach wanted to forgive her but his heart told him otherwise. 

This thought, it lift him terrified.

Should he do it, should he not?

She wishes that she wound't have ever gotten caught.

Thought that she could hide it until she knew her feelings were for sure.

Whats this called? A broken heart? Someone find them a cure.

He got up the guts to see her again.

His love for her was still so deep that he knew this could never end.

She smiled when she saw him, a tear ran down her face.

Before he got to her she said her grace.

She asked for his forgiveness. It was wrong what she did.

Her opportunity to keep him was still an open lid. 

"You hurt me. You lied. What happen to forever and always?" 

"This was never my intention. And forever and always.

It can still be the same. Just give me your forgiveness and we can go back to our old ways."

He thought for a moment. His love still a burning flame.

Then the tears came.

They wrapped each other in a hug.

THey said their sorries. It would never happen again. Sorry for the hole that she dug.

This is real love people. Don't interrupt it. 


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