Your love is a lie


1. Chapter 1: That night

Today is Friday and it's 6:30 am, i wake up slowly because I was not the slightest desire to go to school. What for? Simply because my life is a living hell, Since my father died, my mother became an alcoholic and a drug addict , An why I do not want to go to high school? Because I was slapped and insulted why? Because I'm a fan of One Direction and I 'm ugly my life is hell , but it will be even worse tonight,Yes because tonight I 'm going to the concert of One Direction. Anyway , I pass you my day , there was nothing new . The time now is 7:30 p.m. I prepare to go to the concert. I have 2 hours away, so I'll spend two hours doing nothing, I finally arrive at the stadium and I just rushed to the scene. After 1 hour of waiting they finally arrived , they were all perfect, Harry Liam and Niall was doing me laugh, after the concert , I left and a group of boys approached me. And one of them said, " You is that it is not safe to walk alone in the dark" , then he approached me,they started touching me and they ended up raping me.

I was devastated , I wanted to die at that time and then I started to cry all the tears in my body when....

After 5 I love

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