When Love Loves You Back (A 1D & WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 13 Sep 2014
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When Love Loves You Back; Kim is forced off to college in the USA by her step-mother Kathleen where she has to leave her boyfriend Harry Styles behind in the UK. In college, she meets new friends, mainly Dean Ambrose, who becomes real close to her. When Kim returns home to Harry after a year, the feelings for him somehow changed. Was she falling for Dean instead? Little did she know, Dean already had a girlfriend and left Kim hurt. At the end, someone changes the path for Kim, someone Kim never expected. Who? Read on and see who it is.


7. Unexpected Kiss

(Spring Semester) 

Dean: Hey, I heard it's your birthday in a few days. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, it is, how'd you know? 

Dean: Well when you want to be friends with a girl, you got to dig into her personal life a bit. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Stalking much? 

Dean: No, just asked. 

Kim: Oh ok, well yeah my 18th birthday will be in a few days, the girls are throwing me a party at Maryse's place, so, come. 

Dean: *laughs* What day exactly is it? 

Kim: Oh, it's a Friday. *winks* 

Dean: So, legal now huh? 

Kim: Yes, why does that matter? 

Dean: Kim, we've been friends since last semester, I thought we were cool? 

Kim: Oh, we are. *smiles* 

Dean: But this is not the reason why I'm talking to you. 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Then what is it? 

Dean: I heard from someone that you got a little crush on me. 

Kim: What?! *laughs* Me, a crush on you? Someone who's not even worth doing their work and always copying my work? Dean, how'd you even get into this school? 

Dean: Oh, I am smart, trust me. 

Kim: Is that right? 

Dean: Yep, so for your 18th birthday, what do you want? 

Kim: *scratches her head* Um... I'm gonna get to class. *walks off* 

Dean: *smiles and turns around* Sorry to embarrass you like that! 

Kim: *stops and turns around* Can you not? *laughs and walks off* 

Dean: *smiles to himself and walks off the other direction* 

Kelly: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Hey girl.  

Kelly: Second semester, how you liking it? 

Kim: It's been good so far, plus it's almost my birthday. *smiles big* 

Kelly: The big 18 right? 

Kim: Yeah, well yeah. *chuckles* 

Kelly: So have Dean talked to you? 

Kim: Yeah, he did? *gets concerned* Why? 

Kelly: He's been looking for you since the first day of semester, and he luckily found me and I told him where you come from. 

Kim: Kelly! 

Kelly: What? I think the guys got a crush on you too. 

Kim: So you're the one that told him I liked him? 

Kelly: Yeah... 

Kim: Kelly! 

Ms. Jackson: Is everything ok back there? 

Kelly: Yes. 

Kim: *looks at Kelly* No! *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Kelly: *embarrassed* 

Kim: *throws her bag on the bed and opens the laptop* 

Harry: *looks at his phone/picks up the call* Hey babe. *smiles* 

Kim: *upset* I am so ready to come home now. 

Harry: What's wrong babe? 

Kim: Everything's wrong Harry! I can't even trust my own friends here. 

Harry: Why what did they do? 

Kim: They... nothing. 

Harry: You sure? Your face doesn't buy that. 

Kim: They just said something that upset me. 

Harry: Aren't you supposed to be in class right now? 

Kim: Harry! 

Harry: Oh, that's why. 

Kim: Yes, but I'm gonna work on my homework, I'll talk to you later. 

Harry: Ok. 

Kim: *kisses the screen* 

Harry: *kisses his phone screen* I love you. 

Kim: I love you too. *closes her laptop* 

Harry: *gets disconnected* Hmm... 

Dean: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: What the hell? Who is it? 

Dean: It's Dean. 

Kim: *eyes widen/walks to the door* How'd you find me? 

Dean: Well, it's not that hard to ask the front desk worker. 

Kim: *opens the door* What do you want? 

Dean: Heard you skipped class because of Kelly. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* You ran into her again I'm assuming. 

Dean: Yeah, and she told me you left. 

Kim: And how did you know I was here? 

Dean: I took a guess. 

Kim: Right. 

Dean: Ok, I followed you. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: I just want to get to know you more now that you're getting older. 

Kim: *smiles* Get to know me? I have a boyfriend Dean. 

Dean: Is this your Latina side I'm seeing? 

Kim: Maybe? 

Dean: You should talk with an American accent more, it sounds sexier. 

Kim: *crosses her arms* Now that I'm gonna be legal you want to talk, what? Was afraid I was gonna have you arrested? 

Dean: No, just... I don't mess around with kids. 

Kim: I'm not a kid anymore Dean. I've moved out on my own, I'm far from home, I'm a responsible person. 

Dean: Ok, then let's go out. 

Kim: I don't think you got the point where I said I have a... 

Dean: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *eyes widen/looks at dean* 

Dean: *smiles* Made you forget about your boyfriend for a second huh? 

Kim: *nods* 

Dean: Good, now you're gonna be thinking about me tonight. Have a good rest of the day Kim. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *walks out her dorm and looks at dean* 

Dean: *walking off* 

Kim: *bites her lips* 

Brie: *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: Brie?! 

Brie: Did I just hear a guy? 

Kim: Uh, no? 

Brie: It sounded like Dean. 

Nikki: It smells like Dean. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah he was here. 

Brie: Why? 

Kim: I don't know, he wanted to ask what I wanted for my 18th. 

Brie: Oh, ok. 

Kim: Yeah, but I'm gonna get back on my homework. 

Brie: Ok. *closes her door* 

Kim: *sits on her bed and touches her lips* 

Dean: *driving and thinking about the kiss* 

Kim: *puts her book down* Did I seriously just kissed him back too? 

Dean: *parks and go pick up a box of beer* 

Kim: *phone beeps* Shit. *looks at her phone* Uh! I don't want to go to class tonight.  

Dean: *drinking with roman* 

Roman: You alright? 

Dean: I kissed Kim. 

Roman: Who? 

Dean: Kim, that girl in our English class last semester. I was seated next to her. 

Roman: Oh her, yeah, she's cute. 

Dean: Yeah, I kissed her. 

Roman: How? When? 

Dean: Earlier at her dorm. 

Roman: Her boyfriend's Harry Styles. 

Dean: So, she kissed me back. 

Roman: You two are something Dean. *chuckles* 

Kim: *walks into her night class* 

Eve: Hey Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Eve. 

Eve: You alright? I see a little spark in your eyes. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine. 

Eve: Ok, well um, class is canceled, I just came from there. 

Kim: Awesome, wasted my time coming over here. *chuckles* 

Eve: *laughs* I know right, well your birthday's in two days, what are you gonna do? 

Kim: Well they wanted to throw me a party at Maryse's, but I don't know, I don't feel like going. 

Eve: It's your birthday, c'mon. 

Kim: I'll think about it. 

Eve: Don't take too long because it's just right there. 

Kim: I know. *chuckles* 

Eve: Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. *hugs kim* Bye. *leaves* 

Kim: *walks back to her dorm* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *brushing her teeth and thinks about the kiss* 

Dean: *smiles* Made you forget about your boyfriend for a second huh? 

Kim: *nods* 

Dean: Good, now you're gonna be thinking about me tonight. Have a good rest of the day Kim.  

Kim: *washes her mouth and looks at the mirror and touches her lips/smiles* 

Dean: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: What the? Who is it? *opens the door*  

Dean: *smiles* Hi. 

Kim: *whispers* Dean! You can't be over here pass 12.  

Dean: I know, I just... I missed you. 

Kim: *sniffs* Were you drinking? 

Dean: You know, you're really pretty without make up on. 

Kim: *gasp* Yeah, I don't let myself be seen without make up on. *wanting to rush back in the dorm* 

Dean: Hey, it's ok. I like it. 

Kim: Dean you have to go back to the boys side. 

Dean: I just wanted a goodnight kiss. 

Kim: Dean?  

Dean: Please? 

Kim: No! Go to your dorm! 

Dean: *passes out* 

Kim: Oh shit. *knocks on the twins door* 

Nikki: Who's that? 

Brie: I don't know. *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: I need help. 

Brie: What? 

Kim: It's Dean. *looks back* 

Brie: Dean? Kim, what's going on? 

Kim: He came to my dorm just now, and he literally just passed out. 

Brie: Where is he? 

Kim: *slowly* In my dorm? 

Brie: Kim! You know how much trouble you can get for that?! 

Kim: I can't take him over there! I'll get caught, I was already having trouble carrying him to my dorm. 

Brie: Ok um, just let him sleep there and tomorrow morning, have him leave before the security comes to work at 7. 

Nikki: Why don't you just like him stay until pass 8? That's when they can cross over anyways. 

Brie: Oh yeah, just let him sleep with you tonight then, and whenever he wakes up, it's fine. 

Kim: I don't want to get in trouble tho. 

Nikki: Well help you cover. 

Kim: Ok. 

Brie: Goodnight. *closes the door* 

Kim: *walks back to her dorm* Oh Dean, what the hell? Wake up! *wakes him up* 

Dean: *knocked out* 

Kim: Oh god, please help me. *sits on the other bed* Just hope he sleeps thru the night. *pulls the cover over her and goes to sleep*

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