When Love Loves You Back (A 1D & WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 13 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
When Love Loves You Back; Kim is forced off to college in the USA by her step-mother Kathleen where she has to leave her boyfriend Harry Styles behind in the UK. In college, she meets new friends, mainly Dean Ambrose, who becomes real close to her. When Kim returns home to Harry after a year, the feelings for him somehow changed. Was she falling for Dean instead? Little did she know, Dean already had a girlfriend and left Kim hurt. At the end, someone changes the path for Kim, someone Kim never expected. Who? Read on and see who it is.


10. Bad News

Nikki: Hey, you didn't tell me you moved out of your dorm. 

Kim: Oh yeah, I did. 

Brie: Where are you staying? 

Kim: I have a house now. *smiles* 

Nikki: Where? 

Kim: Well it's actually Dean's, but he's letting me live in his mansion while he lives in the house in his... 

Brie: Backyard. 

Kim: Yeah, how'd you... 

Nikki: We use to always party there, but his house is not as big as John's. *smiles* John's house is 50,000 sq.  

Kim: 50!? And I thought 15 are big. 

Nikki: Wrong. *smiles* 

Brie: So does he sleep in your house or? 

Nikki: Brie, you heard Kim, he lives his back house. 

Brie: Oh right, so how's living by yourself in that house? 

Kim: Well it was kind of scary, but then I knew Dean was only outside, so it kinda warmed me up a bit. 

Nikki: Hey, are you two dating? 

Brie: Nicole! 

Nikki: *smiles* What? I just want to know. 

Kim: No, we're just friends, I love Harry. 

Brie: Have you been talking to him lately? 

Nikki: Briana! 

Brie: What? I just want to know. 

Kim: Yes, we still talk as usual if that's what you're asking. 

Brie: That's good, well I'm gonna get to class, see you later. *walks off* 

Nikki: So did you and Dean do anything? 

Kim: Nikki! No! I'll see you in class. *walks off* 

Dean: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Oh hey Dean. *stops and smiles* 

Dean: You didn't tell me you came to school already. 

Kim: Oh was I supposed to? 

Dean: *laughs* No, I was only kidding. How'd you sleep? 

Kim: I slept perfect, the bed is perfect. *smiles* 

Dean: Glad you liked it. 

Kim: Yeah, um, where are you headed? 

Dean: To math. 

Kim: Oh? Ok, well I'll see you later then. 

Dean: Got no choice do we? 

Kim: *chuckles* No we don't, but I'll come by later or you can come by later. 

Dean: Does it matter? 

Kim: No. *chuckles* 

Dean: Where you going? 

Kim: Psychology. 

Dean: Hate that, but ok, I'll see you later at the house. 

Kim: Yep, you too. *smiles and walks off* 

Dean: *stares at kim and turns around* Whoa! 

Roman: You have a girlfriend. 

Dean: So? She does doesn't go here. *walks off* 

(Later That Day) 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hey babe. *lies on the bed and smiles* 

Harry: Hey. 

Kim: Everything ok with you? 

Harry: Yeah, why do you sound so happy? 

Kim: Oh, I don't know. I'm just in a good mood today, I went shopping. 

Harry: What'd you buy? 

Kim: 8 pairs of heels, 5 dresses, and 7 jeans with 12 different shirts and tops together. 

Harry: Oh wow. *chuckles softly* 

Kim: You ok? You know you can tell me anything babe. 

Harry: Kim, please don't be mad at me. 

Kim: *sits up* Why? *gets concerned* Are you cheating on me? Please tell me you're not Harry. 

Harry: No babe, I'm not cheating on you, I would never do that to you. 

Kim: Good. *smiles* Then what is it? 

Harry: Um, I don't know how to explain it to you babe. 

Kim: Just tell me, it'll be ok with me. 

Harry: Are you sure? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Harry: Well... I can't say it. 

Kim: Babe, I love you. 

Harry: I'm... *on the phone in silence* 

Kim: Harry. 

Harry: I'm not going to UCLA. 

Kim: What?! 

Harry: I'm not gonna be continuing college with you anymore. 

Kim: Why? 

Harry: This is my life Kim, I love my career and I love my fans. I love what I'm doing already. 

Kim: You promised me Harry. 

Harry: I know and I'm sorry babe. 

Kim: This is exactly what I knew what was gonna happen. 

Harry: What? 

Kim: I wanted to stay, and you told me to come here and you will come next year. I told you what if you don't and you promise you'll come Harry, you promised me! That's why I came. 

Harry: I was going to, but things changed babe. I always loved doing this, but I love it even more now. 

Kim: *cries* So I wasted my time coming here for no reason then. 

Harry: No you didn't, don't say that. You're there for a good reason babe. You're smart, that's why you got to be there early. 

Kim: Yeah, but I had a choice to stay back another year. 

Harry: I know you did, but... 

Kim: But what Harry? I was forced to come because my dad's wife now paid for it early!? 

Harry: Babe, please don't make this harder than it already is ok. Even on tour, I'll come and see you.  

Kim: How? You're so busy Harry. 

Harry: When I'm done with tour and everything slows down, I'll come and stay with you. 

Kim: I'm coming home after this semester and I'm not coming back here Harry. 

Harry: You have to babe, I won't even be home even if you come back. 

Kim: At least I know I'll get more chances of seeing you. 

Harry: Think what you're father wills say and feel. 

Kim: It's not my fault he let Kathleen pay for it. 

Harry: Can we not argue about this babe? 

Kim: No! You brought it up and now we're gonna talk about it! Just how you forced me to come here, I'm gonna make you come here this fall. 

Harry: I can't, I'm under contract, and you know I can't back out of it. 

Kim: Then there's only one option. 

Harry: And what is that? 

Kim: I'm coming home. 

Harry: No! No you are not Kim! You're gonna stay there, you're gonna get your BA and you're gonna graduate from there! You're gonna live your dream being a movie actress and hopefully singer as well.  

Kim: I can achieve those there Harry. 

Harry: But you always wanted Hollywood and you're finally there, why go back to the past steps again? 

Kim: Because I want to be with you. 

Harry: Stop it babe, you can't do this to me and you right now! I need you to listen to me, stay there and finish college. 

Kim: What about you huh?! It's not fair to me! *sees dean* 

Dean: *standing by kims room by the door and looking at her* 

Harry: I know it's not fair; just do it for me and you please. 

Kim: Whatever Harry. 

Harry: Hey, don't whatever, just do it ok. I love you, I have to get going now. 

Kim: Going to where? 

Harry: My flight what else? 

Kim: I love you too. 

Harry: Bye. *hangs up* 

Dean: Trouble with the boyfriend? 

Kim: Why are you in my house? 

Dean: It's actually my house, so I can be here. 

Kim: Can you please leave, I'm not in a mood to talk to anyone right now. 

Dean: Want me to take you out? I'll make you feel better. 

Kim: Like to what Dean?! 

Dean: There's an arcade nearby, I always go there when I need some fresh air and clear my mind. 

Kim: That's yours not mine. 

Dean: It can be ours. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: C'mon, it'll be fun. *smiles* 

Kim: Fine.

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