When Love Loves You Back (A 1D & WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 13 Sep 2014
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When Love Loves You Back; Kim is forced off to college in the USA by her step-mother Kathleen where she has to leave her boyfriend Harry Styles behind in the UK. In college, she meets new friends, mainly Dean Ambrose, who becomes real close to her. When Kim returns home to Harry after a year, the feelings for him somehow changed. Was she falling for Dean instead? Little did she know, Dean already had a girlfriend and left Kim hurt. At the end, someone changes the path for Kim, someone Kim never expected. Who? Read on and see who it is.


8. 18th Birthday

Dean: *wakes up* Where the hell am I? *sits up and looks around* Roman? Roman. 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Dean: *reaches over and falls off the bed* 

Kim: *wakes up quick* 

Dean: Kim? 

Kim: Oh, you're up. 

Dean: Why am I in your room? 

Kim: You kind of passed out in front of my door? I was not gonna get in trouble for something I didn't do. 

Dean: How did I end up over here? 

Kim: You tell me. 

Dean: What time is it? 

Kim: I don't know. *looks at her phone* It's 8:30. 

Dean: Shit, I got to get to class. 

Kim: Yeah you do and to your dorm. 

Dean: Look, I'm very sorry about last night Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, you should be. 

Dean: Alright, see you tomorrow. *leaves* 

Kim: Yeah, bye. 

Dean: *walks off* 

Security: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *trying to not make it awkward* Morning. *walks off fast to his dorm* 

Kim: *gets ready* 

Maryse: *knocks on kims door* 

Kim: *irritated* What now? *opens the door* Oh hi Maryse, come in. 

Maryse: Were you drinking?  

Kim: No. 

Maryse: You know that's illegal in here right? 

Kim: I wasn't drinking. *sits down and puts on her make up* 

Maryse: Let's go shopping. 

Kim: I have class Maryse. 

Maryse: Don't worry, it's just one day. 

Kim: *sighs* Fine, where we going? 

Maryse: The mall. 

Kim: The mall? 

Maryse: I want to find a dress for tomorrow. 

Kim: Just wear what you have in your closet, I don't need anything fancy. 

Maryse: You're gonna be fancy Kim. 

Kim: Right. 

Maryse: Ok, hurry up, let's go. 

Kim: Ok. *cont. getting ready* Alright, let's go. 

Maryse: *shopping with kim and spends about $2,000) 

Kim: Girl you are shopping like crazy. 

Maryse: What are you buying? 

Kim: I don't know maybe just a dress and a pair of heels, nothing else. 

Maryse: Alright, I'm done shopping. 

Kim: Ok, me too. *pays* 

Worker: Total is $735. 

Kim: *pays and leaves* 

(The Next Day) 

Maryse: Can I fix your hair? 

Kim: If you want? I was just gonna have it down. 

Maryse: I want to curl it. 

Kim: That's fine. 

Kelly: Can I do your make up? 

Kim: No, I'm not even cool with you right now Kelly. 

Kelly: I'm sorry ok. 

Kim: Oh are you? 

Nikki: What's going on? 

Brie: You look pretty. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Kelly: I told Dean that Kim had a crush on him and she got mad at me for it. 

Nikki: I would be too if I wasn't with John and you told him I liked him.  

Kelly: I apologized. 

Kim: It's ok, all blonde's make a mistake! 

Kelly: *gets offended* You're lucky it's your birthday only. 

Kim: Yep. *annoyed* 

Eve: *fixes kims make up* 

(Later That Night) 

Guest: *arrives* 

Dean: *rings the doorbell* 

Maryse: *opens the door* Come in. *smiles* 

Dean: *walks in with roman* 

Kim: *sitting at the table* 

Dean: *sees kim and walks up to her* Hey. 

Kim: Oh, hey Dean. *smiles*  

Dean: Happy birthday. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, thanks Dean, you are such the sweetest thing ever. 

Dean: *chuckles* Do I get a hug? 

Kim: Do you? Don't I? It's my birthday. 

Dean: Stand up. 

Kim: I can't. 

Dean: Why? 

Brie: Her feet hurts, she didn't get to break into the heels in time. 

Dean: *looks down* 

Kim: Don't look at them. 

Dean: You got nice legs. *chuckles* 

Kim: Dean!  

Dean: *pulls kim up and hugs her* There, happy birthday. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Brie: Here, sit here with her and talk. 

Dean: So, enjoying your day so far? *pours a shot for him* Want one? 

Kim: No, I already had a few.  

Dean: Can't even take one with me? 

Kim: Fine.  

Dean: *smiles and pours one for kim* Here, to your 18th birthday. 

Kim: Cheers. *smiles and takes the shot with dean* 

Dean: *smiles* Another round? 

Kim: *disgusted* No, I'm good. I'm not even allowed to drink. 

Dean: Why? Wait til you're 21? 

Kim: No, just a thing my father and I don't do. 

Dean: Is he here? 

Kim: No, he's home in the UK. *smiles and leans against her arm staring at dean* 

Dean: I might want to kiss you if you keep looking at me like that. 

Kim: *moves her hand* Oh, I didn't mean that. 

Dean: So? Who were you thinking about that night? 

Kim: Well I had no choice because you were in my room, so I basically worried about you. 

Dean: Ok, what about last night? 

Kim: No one really, I was more excited for my birthday. 

Dean: I bought you a present. 

Kim: Really? Did you bring it? 

Dean: Yeah it's me. *laughs* 

Kim: Ew. 

Dean: What? *cont. laughing* 

Kim: Funny. *gets up* 

Dean: *grabs onto kims hand* I'm kidding, I'll have to drive you there or we can go tomorrow too. 

Kim: What is it that big? 

Dean: Can you handle it? 

Kim: I'm not having sex with you. 

Dean: Wasn't asking you to. 

Maryse: *walks to kim and sees dean holding her hand* Oh? 

Kim: Maryse? *moves her hand from dean* I was just gonna go upstairs to use the restroom. *walks off* 

Dean: I'm gonna go hang out with Roman. *walks off* 

Maryse: *confuse* Ok? *goes back to the party* 

Kim: *sits on the bed and changes her shoes* These heels are killing me. 

Eve: Oh, there you are, everyone's looking for you. 

Kim: Oh, I had to change shoes. 

Eve: Here, wear mine, I'll wear yours. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Eve: Yeah, mine will probably fit you better. 

Kim: Thanks love. *puts on eve's heel* Oh, they are more comfortable. 

Eve: Yeah, and yours are kinda tight, but it's ok. 

Kim: Sorry. 

Eve: *laughs* I'll just wear one of Maryse's. *opens maryse's closet* 

Kim: Wow. I always wanted a walk in closet with a shoe rack that spins like that. 

Eve: Yeah? Well it's a house you're gonna have to get. 

Kim: I know, but I don't have the money. 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: Oh, Harry's calling. *picks up her phone* Hello? 

Harry: *smiles* Hey, happy birthday my love. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks babe. What are you doing? 

Harry: Wishing I was there! *chuckles* 

Kim: Aw, me too. 

Harry: Are you having fun? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. *smiles* Lots of fun. 

Eve: I'll go tell them you'll be down in a bit. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Harry: Who was that? 

Kim: Eve. 

Harry: Oh. 

Kim: Um, I have to greet a few people; I'll call you later ok? 

Harry: Ok, I love you. 

Kim: Love you too. *hangs up* 

Brie: Kim. 

Kim: Yeah? 

Brie: Dean and Roman left; he wanted me to tell you. 

Kim: Oh? How come he didn't tell me? 

Brie: I don't know, but he said he had to finish something. 

Kim: Oh ok. *walks off* 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Dean: *knocks on kims door* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Dean: Who do you think? 

Kim: *opens the door* Why are you here so early? 

Dean: It's not early, it's about to be 3. 

Kim: What? No way! 

Dean: Yeah, um, want me to come back? Maybe in 30 minutes, will you be ready then? 

Kim: Where we going? 

Dean: To see your gift I got you. 

Kim: Oh? Yeah, I'll be ready by then. 

Dean: Great, see you in 30 minutes. *walks off* 

Kim: Why don't you just call me? 

Dean: I can't. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: Don't have your number. *smiles* 

Kim: Give me your phone. 

Dean: Here. 

Kim: *puts in her number* There. 

Dean: *looks at his phone* Crush? *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles* See you in 30 minutes. *closes her door*

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