My Internet Guy (a Luke Hemmings fanfic)


1. Chapter 1

One night, I was waiting for my boyfriend Austin to join me in bed when I noticed it was taking him unusually long to get ready.  He usually jumps at the chance to have sex, but he was different tonight.


I sighed sadly and pulled the covers over me just as Austin came into the room.


“Anya, can we skip the sex tonight?  I’m just too tired,” Austin said, clearly lying.  He didn’t look or sound one bit sleepy.


“Are you cheating on me?” I asked.  I figured the only reason Austin wouldn’t wanna have sex with me is because he’s doing it with someone else.


“Why the fuck would you think that, babe?”


“Well, you’re usually all over me like white on rice.  This isn’t like you, Austin.”


“Look, let’s talk about this in the morning.”


I was getting angry now.  “No!  I wanna know RIGHT NOW!  Are you fucking cheating on me?!”


Austin sighed.  “Okay, I’m cheating.  Her name’s Sheila, and I kinda…got her pregnant.  I’m sorry, Anya.”


“No, you’re not!  You’re just sorry you got caught!  You’re sleeping on the couch tonight, and I want you gone by noon tomorrow!”


“But it didn’t mean anything, Anya!  I love you!”


“Well, it damn sure meant something when you had sex with that slut and knocked her up!”  I shot out of bed and shoved Austin out the door.




Austin and I spent most of the next morning packing his bags, and he was out the door just after twelve.  I looked out the window and watched him to make sure he left.  I closed the drapes when I saw his car pull out of the driveway and down the street.


I was about to go into the kitchen to get lunch when the phone rang.  It was my Australian friend Lauren, so I answered it.  “Hello?”


“G’day, Anya!” she greeted.  “How’s it going?”


“Well, other than the fact that my boyfriend’s a cheater, I’m great!” I said.


“Austin cheated on you?”


“Yep, and he got the girl pregnant.  How low is that?!”


“I agree, and you deserve better.  Hey, remember my mate Addie, and how she met her boyfriend on”


I instantly knew what Lauren was getting at.  “I don’t do dating sites.”


“Come on, mate!  Just give it a chance!”


“No!  What if the guy turns out to be a forty-year-old perv who lives in his mom’s basement?”


“Well…just be careful, okay?”


“Alright, I’ll do it, but just for you.”


“Great!  Tell me when you’ve signed up.”


“Okay, bye.”


I hung up with Lauren and got on my computer to visit  When I got to that site, I created an account as “AllAmericanAnya96” and set up my profile.  The site then asked me what I wanted in a relationship.  It took me a while to answer all the questions, but I was done before I knew it.


A few hours later, I got a message notification from a guy from Australia user-named DrFluke96.  It said:


Aye, mate.  Anya, is it?  I saw your profile and thought I’d shoot you a message.  Message back! ~Luke


Hmm…this couldn’t be Luke Hemmings, could it? I thought as I typed my reply.

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