Bite It {DRAMAtical Murder}

Noiz and Aoba's romantic life in Germany.
And this fanfiction makes no utter sense at all but it's humorous I guess. I don't understand the title of this either. Deal with it bruv.


3. ONE

>> AOBA <<     (I'm so sorry it's all smushes together ;-; It's the damn IOS 8 with the new update and the copy and paste sucks when I import it from my notes, buuut enjoy. Unless it hurts your eyes because it looks like a big blob ;-; )


 I sighed in annoyance and placed my hand over Clear's mouth,   "Clear, my sweet little shit. What do you need?"  

 Clear eagerly stared at me as he sat on my bed, Noiz next to him,   "Why exactly did we let this albino bimbo come in?" Noiz grumbled, narrowing his eyes at Clear.   "Don't be so rude, Noiz! We need to be nice to guests–"  "He barged in!"   "I never said we couldn't be nice to people who barge in!"   Clear sat there, innocently playing around with his gloves.   I glared at Noiz and held Clear's hands,   "It's okay Clear he's just upset because he's on his man period–" "YOU WANNA GO SERAGAKI? REMATCH ME RIGHT NOW, BRO–"   "NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN, NOIZ. WE TALKED ABOUT THIS!"     >>Clear<<       "Blah blah blah Clear"    "Nein nein nein Seragaki nein rematch"  Omigodomigodomigodomigod Mastah is touching me I can't omg.          >>Aoba<<     I sighed and smiled apologetically at Clear,    "Sorry about Noiz, again. He's just been a complete ASSHOLE lately."           Noiz grumbled a few things I couldn't really understand but knew what he was trying to say.  "Mastah I came here to confess my love!" Clear exclaimed squeezing my hands, my eyes widened.  "WHY YOU..." Noiz started, raising a fist at Clear.    Clear whimpered and immediately let go of my hands,   "Noizu! Please calm down."  Noiz gave me a 'tch' and shot daggers at Clear.     "Ah I'm very sorry Clear but I can't accept–"   "Eh? Mastah I only love you as a friend! I came here to confess my love to Ren!"  Noiz and I stared at Clear, who was smiling brightly.   Ren came in the room, with a sandwich and soda in hands. ((A/N: yes Ren is human in dis >w< ))         "FUWA FUWAAA~!" Clear exclaimed pouncing onto Ren,   "C-Clear! Please calm down!" Ren said surprised by Clear's sudden welcoming.    "Oi. Clear came by to confess his love." Noiz said, smirking down at Ren.    Ren laughed nervously,   "C-Clear.."   "Yes Fuwa-Fuwa san!?"   Ren gulped and looked over at us for help, Noiz and I both gave him a thumbs up before we ran out of the room to leave them alone.   "Oi are you sure it's fine to let them be alone in there?" Noiz said leaning against the beige colored wall,   "Ne ne don't worry, they'll be fine~!" I said reassuringly,   "Are you sure about that?" Noiz whispered peeking through the door, I slapped the back of Noiz' head and immediately but silently closed the door,   "Let them be you hot topic trash!"     "Shh!" Noiz said grabbing my hands and pushing me against the wall,    "Oi! Let me go you goddamn pervert!" I said trying to pull my hands away,   "Suck my dick." Noiz said bluntly,     My eye twitched and I stared at Noiz,  "You want me to what?"   "Suck. My. Penis. Bitch."   "Why you fucking-"    "MASTAHHHH!" Clear exclaimed slapping open the door, "It sounded like you were in trouble!"   I sighed in relief because Clear interrupted, I did not want to suck Noiz' penis...   "Y-Yes it's alright now! So what happened with Ren?"   "Weeeell..." I noticed Clear had a leash, "Come on Fuwa-Fuwa~!"     Ren crawled out of the room and stared up at us,  "I'm apparently Clear's puppy now."   I smiled nervously,   "Ah Ren just deal with it for a while."   "Ich lieb dich," Noiz whispered into my ear, I stared at him for a while then sighed,  "Later tonight, okay?"    Noiz nodded in triumph. Clear started dragging Ren away somewhere while we just stared...

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