Bite It {DRAMAtical Murder}

Noiz and Aoba's romantic life in Germany.
And this fanfiction makes no utter sense at all but it's humorous I guess. I don't understand the title of this either. Deal with it bruv.


1. Aoba's Intro

>>Aoba's Introduction<<
 (Basically all about Aoba)
 Oh hello there, I'm Aoba Seragaki. I know what you're thinking, why in the hell do I have long blue hair and have so many boys chasing after me (Although I wouldn't blame them *wink wonk*) Or why I fucked a dog(he's basically apart of me...and is in my twin brother's body...) and why Koujaku keeps my hair in a special box because he's a fucking–

 I have a messed up life, yes I know. But sadly I had to chose one of them from the Ouran Dick Squad Host clu– I mean out of all the nice men. 
 Clear is a robot with a huge di-di-diiingle berry and two cute little moles under his lip. 

 Koujaku...Koujaku is my best friend since I was little and always tried to frick frack me. Don't get me wrong he's fi-fine at hairstyling haha...*nervously sweats*

 Mink is an asshole. But kawaii as fuck when he tries to be nice to me.

 Ren is my dog/part of myself/twin. It's a complicated story...He's still loyal and trustworthy!

 Trip and Virus. Not twins. And double penetration.

 Noiz...Noiz can explain himself in the next chapter.

 BUT the whole point of this is about Noiz and I's journey through love. I chose Noiz because he's hot topic trash and hot topic trash are hawt.
 Half of the story is just random shit. The author isn't high, they swear. (They are high on yaoi) 
There's also Koujaku and Noiz smut later on...I'll enjoy it very much~*pervy Aoba face* 

{A/N: I was so bored. I just did this. Ermergerd. Am I funny XD? Probably not suitable for 14 under and homophobes because this will be filled with DMMD gayness. I'm working on a MakoHaru's kinda sad ;__; but you'll see later one cx Ja, until Noiz' point of view~}

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