Thin Walls || L.S

Louis moves into a flat while he’s at university, his next-door neighbor, Harry, who he’s never seen is rather loud at night. Louis confronts him about said noise and the two starts to chat through the rather thin wall between their bedrooms. Will they ever meet? And if they do what does fate have install for them? Pairing: Louis/harry and Liam/niall. WARNING CONTAINS SWEARING AND SMUT!!


2. Chapter 2

~~The rest of the day passed by slowly as Louis decided he would in fact tidy his flat, which only led to more mess in the end, and the uncovering of three large spiders that Louis placed that curtained item over it again, in an attempt to pretend he hadn’t seen them. He wasn’t the bravest when it came to them and would rather do a lot of other highly dangerous things than try to pick one up. He blamed it on the large bulging eyes and the few to many legs that caused it to run at a speed that Louis could quiver at.
His head began to pound again so he took some more pills with water gulping down the water quickly and throwing the bottle on the growing mound of rubbish before rubbing his eyes and making his way through to his bedroom. Upon walking in his eyes lingered on the desk where a heavy looking book, and not just looking either, caught his eye.
“Ahh, for god’s sake” Louis screamed, his head throbbing as he did, he’d got until Monday morning to write a three thousand word essay, and he wasn’t even sure what the topic was yet. He knew he’d screwed up and kicked his wardrobe and swore loudly as his big toe throbbed in rhythm with his head. “Are you ok in there” came the muffled voice of Harry. Louis stopped immediately. “Fine, everything’s perfect” he replied in a tone that was clear that nothing was in fact fine, and that his day was pretty much ruined.
“So what’s wrong?” Harry asked picking up on Louis’ sour mood immediately. “I messed up my flat, there’s bloody three huge spiders taking refuge in my living room and I’ve got to do a three thousand word essay on, I’m not even sure what” he groaned, stress sinking into him. “Calm down, mate. It’ll be okay” Harry comforted him. “But I should be able to deal with spiders easily, I’m a twenty year old man for god’s sake” Louis said out loud, although knowing twenty was not the age he acted at all, not that he’d confess to knowing this himself. He was just one to cling to his youth for as long as possible.
“If it makes you feel better, I can’t stand spiders either” Harry called, it did make Louis feel slightly better until his eyes raked over something that made him groan. “What?” Harry asked. “Oh, and that’s just brilliant” Louis said his eyes trailing over to the fish tank on his bedside table. “What’s brilliant?” Harry asked again, a curious tone in his voice. “To top it all off, my goldfish is dead!” he replied as the fish floated around at the top of the water. “Your goldfish is dead? Was it old?” Harry asked lazily.
“I only brought it this morning, and I’m obviously such a hopeless case that it drowned itself!” Louis ranted, he breathed in deeply, “I supposed I’ll have to go flush it down the toilet” “Really drowned itself” Harry asked, obviously hiding a laugh as he cleared his throat to get a cool posture again. “Yes” Louis cried out as he broke down, he’d thought he could show how responsible he was, not only to himself but to others. That plan worked out just as he expected of himself, a total failure.
“Don’t worry, maybe it had something wrong with it and was going to die regardless” Harry comforted him, although Louis couldn’t see him, he could feel the reassurance that he desperately needed. “Maybe you’re right” Louis nodded sitting down on his bed slowly and thinking that in hind sight, weather getting another so soon was worth it. He decided that mourning the death of the fish for a few days was a start and that he would concentrate on his studies, for he was truly slipping behind in his work.
“I’m surprised at you” Louis said after a moment of silence, leaning back on his bed leaving his legs to dangle precariously over the edge. “And why is that?” Harry replied smoothly. “You sound to be alone in your flat” he said, having not heard anything from the other room except for Harry. “That’s because I am” he replied. “That makes a change” Louis smirked, wondering why today was the first day Harry hadn’t brought his next challenge home. “There wasn’t a girl for me today” Harry said, almost as if he was questioning himself, but Louis let it slide and stood up. He took off his t-shirt, which like usual was stripy and his jeans. He sat back down on his bed and sighed.
“I’m going to have to get Niall over here to get rid of those spiders” Louis muttered to himself. “So are you at uni?” Harry asked, Louis contemplated the advantages and disadvantages of telling Harry about his life, but he didn’t seem to be able to find a reason not to, so it looked like he may as well let Harry know. “I am indeed, studying English,” he said, “what about you. You don’t sound too old” which was true. Harry didn’t sound like he was older than Louis. But Louis knew his first impressions were often extremely off. Like that time he had been on the phone to someone thinking it was his boyfriend and it was his mother. That had been an embarrassing conversation.
He wasn’t even sure how he had mixed them up quite so badly. It was enough to say that the relationship was doomed from the start and Louis wasn’t too dejected when it ended. “I’m studying law” Harry replied. “And you have time for…well that every night as well as studying?” Louis asked rather impressed by this boy in the room next door, not that he’d voice that out loud. He didn’t know the boy and it may be the boy and it may be that Harry had an extremely large ego that he’d been adding to. And who was he to make the boys head inflate so he couldn’t fit into doorframes?
“I spend my free time in the library” the boy replied “when I’m not chasing girls that is” and Louis had to laugh, because Harry knew exactly what he was doing and it seemed to have his life planned to include these girls. Louis couldn’t help but think that Harry could be a much more respected boy if he didn’t use girls the way he did. Louis didn’t like to judge people, he’d get to know the before he did. As most people have a reason for their actions, right? “Sounds like you live the high life” Louis chuckled, there was a pause and Louis wondered for a brief moment if he’d offended the boy in the other room, but his ears were hit by a loud sigh, not one of annoyance, one as if he’d just sat down after a long day of standing up and his muscles were agreeing with the sudden relaxation, which made Louis wonder if this boy had any other way to unwind from a hectic day at University that didn’t involve a workout in the bedroom.
“We’ve been talking for about ten minutes, maybe longer and I still don’t know your name?” Harry asked, Louis laughed because he had completely forgotten to introduce himself, making him feel like a rather bad neighbor in many ways. He’d been there for three weeks and yet he’d only just acknowledged his neighbors existence. Weren’t neighbors meant to be on good terms in case of emergencies, and with Louis about they seemed to be the normed. “Wow, I feel like a bit of a knob, I’m Louis” he replied.
“Hello Louis, my name is Harry. It’s nice to hear you” Harry Said. Louis grinned to himself. “Nice to talk to you too, Harry”
Louis replied. “So how old are you, Louis?” Harry asked after a pause where Louis got up and turned off his light running and jumping on his bed, old habits never die, right? The day Louis didn’t run and jump was the day he were to be doomed. “Twenty, what about you?” he asked burying his face into his pillow yawning widely, his meeting with the locker door getting the best of him for the second night. Louis wasn’t surprised about the accident. He seemed to be a magnet for accidents and strange occurrences. Louis was clumsy and when he got something placed in his mind he was rather reluctant to let it go and would do anything to complete it. Whatever the cost turned out to be.
“Eighteen” Harry replied. “Well Harry, I’m not as young as I once was, so I’m going to get some sleep and sleep this bloody headache off. And avoid the locker isle in the future” Louis yawned again. “Night, Louis sleep well” Harry replied “and I’m sorry about your goldfish” “Goodnight” and with that Louis was fast asleep.

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