Thin Walls || L.S

Louis moves into a flat while he’s at university, his next-door neighbor, Harry, who he’s never seen is rather loud at night. Louis confronts him about said noise and the two starts to chat through the rather thin wall between their bedrooms. Will they ever meet? And if they do what does fate have install for them? Pairing: Louis/harry and Liam/niall. WARNING CONTAINS SWEARING AND SMUT!!


1. Chapter 1

~~Three weeks ago to this day Louis had moved in to his new flat, he’d moved from his mum’s house, his own home at last. Privacy was something he’d only recently got, having been living with four sisters, and if he was honest he was thriving off it. He was first to admit his cooking skills were atrocious but he soon found out, putting frozen pizza in the oven and setting the timer was a good way of getting food into his body, even if it wasn’t very healthy. But what would anyone expect from a student. He was rather proud that he wasn’t stocking up on pot noodles and instant packets of rice to put in the microwave, although he thought bitterly, he’d probably burn that too.

All in all his new freedom suited him well. He was situated in a nice part of town, close to the shops and his university. But the one thing he wished he could change was the thinness of the bedroom wall. His neighbor was a rather quiet person by day, in fact, Louis hadn’t recollected seeing him once since he moved in. now nighttime was a completely different matter entirely. During the day the flat seemed deserted, and until about one o’clock each morning it would stay such. Until his neighbor would bring back his lady of the night. He knew it was a he next-door, for the girls voice would always change. His would always be the gruff, slow voice. Louis tried not to listen, he’d tried blaring his music to its highest volume, hell he’d even brought earplugs, but none of it had worked to his advantage.

Now, he had nothing against this man and if he wanted to sleep with a different girl each night, fair play to him, it’s his life. But, when it interfered with Louis sleep time, he knew he needed to bring it up.

Walking along the corridor of his university, his best friend Niall situated at his side, as they talked casually about the football (soccer) game they’d both watched last night. In fact, Louis couldn’t have been happier at this moment in time, not even when he walked into a locker door that appeared quite literally out of nowhere. He stood in a daze watching his blonde friend laughing at his pain. He shook off the momentary shock and looked up to see a girl looking reading to cry.

“I’m so sorry” she said in a tone that was maybe a little over the top in Louis’ opinion. “No worries, I’m fine,” he replied, “Louis Tomlinson” he said holding his hand out to shake hers. “Eleanor Calder,” she replied, “are you sure you’re okay, you don’t want me to look at it do you?” she asked him; he looked at her almost analyzing her.
“Why, are you a trained nurse?” he asked. She shook her head, no. “Are you a practicing med student?” he asked again, she shook her head. “I’m fine, really” he reassured her as he let a grin take over his face to let her know he was joking with her, Niall pulled at his arm, silently telling him that the food was ready and he was not willing to wait to get his hands on it.

“We’ve got to go, grumpy chops here needs his food before he spontaneously erupts into the cookie monster” Louis said with a curt nod before turning to leave. “Wait” Eleanor called after him, Louis was baffled as to why their conversation was to be continued, but he complied and turned to face her. “What is it?” he replied, politely. “Would it be okay, if I took your number, I mean,” she asked blushing freely, he raised an eyebrow at her, “only because you seem like a nice guy” she smiled weakly, reading his concerns.

“I don’t see the harm in that” he shrugged pulling out a pen and writing his number along her arm that she’d held out, thinking he’d much rather preferred a piece of paper. He followed Niall towards the lunch hall a low ache forming from the blow of the locker. And they joined the queue, still managing to beat the one o’clock rush.

By the time Louis got back to his flat his headache had quadrupled in size. And he was starting to feel slightly nauseous. He found himself some water and spread himself lazily over his couch as he took gulps of water and some pain relieving pills. By the time he heaved himself into his bed it was eight thirty and his head hadn’t improved. He groaned and closed his eyes turning his head on his pillow trying to find as spot where his head wasn’t throbbing. About an hour later Louis was finally drifting off only to be awoken three hours later. Tonight just was not the night for Louis. Any other night he may have just put up with it. He grabbed his shoe and threw it hard against the opposite wall. The noises stopped and Louis sighed in relief.

“What was that, Harry?” a girl asked, the voice was muffled through the wall. “No idea, must be my neighbor” Harry, Louis guessed, replied, he hears the sound of the bed move before a tap on the wall caused him to sit up groaning. “What?” he asked. “What was that noise?” Harry asked. “I threw my shoe at the wall” Louis replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, and that Harry was stupid for not realizing it.

“Why did you throw your shoe at the wall?” Harry asked, Louis could hear the smile in his voice and in his sleep deprived, sore-headed state it drew anger. “To shut you up. For almost a month now I’ve had to put up with your bloody sounds. I kept quiet about it not wanting to have a fuss, but for one night. Can you not do that, and maybe I don’t know, go to sleep. I have the mother of all headaches and quite frankly, you’re not helping it” he ranted, there was silence from the flat next door, and Louis wondered feeling slightly put out if Harry had left half way through his rant before Harrys voice cut through the silence like a knife, “sorry, right, well, good night”

“Thank you” Louis sighed, and just like that, he got his first restful sleep in days.

When he awoke he felt ten times better, but there was still the dull ache on his forehead, the impact of the locker upon his face must have been worse than he thought. But Louis was a man, and men would continue on as if nothing happened. It was Saturday, and Louis contemplated what he could occupy himself with today, house chores, or perhaps university work. No, he had something better in mind. He decided today he was going to treat himself to a pet; nothing to big because, even taking care of himself sometimes was a struggle. Ne, he’d get something small. Like a hamster, or a fish. He walked out of his flat looking like a man on a mission to passersby, in truth he was. Owning an animal made him feel as if he could do anything. He stepped into the nearest pet shop and walking around it, stepping around the few screaming children, whose parents were dragging them away from the animals they’d already fallen in love with.

Louis walked over to where the smaller animals were kept and looked at the hamster enclosure. They however were still asleep and looked extremely boring in his opinion. He wanted something he could watch, something to entertain him. So he wondered over to the fish, completely enthralled by their brightly colored scales and their ability to dart through the water. He spent a while looking about every tank before he settled on a simple goldfish. He left the shop with a fish tank carefully places under his right arm and his new pet clutched tightly in its plastic bag in his left hand, held up to Louis vision so he could see where he was going as well as watch the goldfish swim lazily around the bag.

Upon arriving back at his flat he had a struggle to get his key into the lock and ended up having to balance the new fish tank precariously across his knee as he turned the key and swung the door open. He managed to balance the new fish tank under his arm again and step in to the flat, placing the tank on the chest next to the door; he then proceeded in setting up the new fish tank and filling it up to the required level. It was then he felt like an introduction was needed to welcome his new arrival. He picked up his phone out of his pocket and dialed Nialls number. The Irish boy answered after the fourth ring, his voice groggy from sleep. (A/N: L-LOUIS N-NIALL)

L- Have you just woken up?
N- You just woke me up. What do you want?
L- You’re still in bed at this time?
N-Louis, it’s only ten in the morning. The question is why are you up so early?
L- Only ten?
N- Yeah
L- Guess what, Niall. I brought a fish!
N- Nice one, Lou
L- Aren’t you going to ask what I called it?
N- What did you call it?
L- Goldie

Niall had fallen asleep on the phone. Louis rolled his eyes as he hung up and put the fish in the tank, watching it swim in a circle and carried it to his room.

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