Ordinary~ 1D FanFiction

Just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary street, In an ordinary town with an ordinary name gets a chance that no-one has. A true-love chance. At first she hates him and then they end up together….


12. Worse

Mackenzie's P.O.V

I had to run away. I mean… what else could I do?

Life is so harsh on me! What did I do bad in life?

Since I was born, people in my family

died or something but why?

I cried so much last night and didn't get any sleep.

'I need to think of a plan' I thought.

Suddenly, it came to me!


As I came up to the door, I had realised that

school is opening in 15 minutes. I looked like

a nightmare!

mesy hair, red eyes from tiredness, lost half a stone

but I was skinny anyway so you can now

see my ribs!

And I'm pale and sick. No-one likes me anyway

but there might be more bullying.

Liam's P.O.V

I noticed Mack coming to school. I was worried

about her because she didn't come for 4 days

in a row. She looks skinny but still beautiful.

I don't mind how she looks like but this ha gone too

far. Has she started cutting and things?

Was she starving herself? Does she do these

on purpose?

I walked up to her but Zoe beat me to it.

Louis and Zayn looked at her but

walked away sighing. 

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