Ordinary~ 1D FanFiction

Just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary street, In an ordinary town with an ordinary name gets a chance that no-one has. A true-love chance. At first she hates him and then they end up together….


6. The Singing Practise Affair

Niall's P.O.V

When we had our singing practise,

Mackenzie came along.

She and Liam were holding hands.

My heart sank.

I liked her from when I first met her.

Now this is happening....

Louis's P.O.V


No way!

This freak Liam is holding hands with my target!

Yeah, I must admit. I bully her for fun and fame.

So what?

So does Max, Zayn and Joe.

The thing is.... I'm scared of Liam.

In the boys' toilet, he gave me a black eye and 

punched me! 

I went charging up to him and this time punched him.

Mackenzie stepped back a step then started to run.

Liam just said "Happy? You got your revenge and scared my girlfriend away.

You should be proud of yourself!"

Then he ran after her and Niall just hid his face in

a book. Me and Zayn just sniggered until we couldn't breath.

Then I just went home and told everyone on twitter what I did.

I got about 358 likes and 506 comments.



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