Ordinary~ 1D FanFiction

Just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary street, In an ordinary town with an ordinary name gets a chance that no-one has. A true-love chance. At first she hates him and then they end up together….


2. Meet the bullies

Although Mackenzie is already in High School,

She's still scared of things….

Her parents both died when she was little

so she went to live with her grandma but then she died too.

She ended up in a foster home for a few weeks before they

relised she has one more family member alive. Her Uncle.

She hated him.

He was abusive and mean and threatening.

He abused Mackenzie but he didnt have the heart to kill her until she forgot to

buy him some more beer. He was drunk but his good 

skills and aim helped him to throw the knife at Mackezie.

She did get stabbed but in the neck.

(I'm not gonna make the main character die in the first chapter :P)

It was a BIG scar but her hair covered it all.

Her uncle wasn't the only bully though.

She's still got Louis and Zayn


Joe and Max

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