Ordinary~ 1D FanFiction

Just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary street, In an ordinary town with an ordinary name gets a chance that no-one has. A true-love chance. At first she hates him and then they end up together….


3. Great achievement…. not

Mackenzie's P.O.V

I'm Mackenzie. My friends call me Mack though I have

only a few friends. Zoe, Harry and Liam.

I had a crush on Liam before. I knew he would be a singer.

Yes, he trusts me not to tell anyone so keep your lips sealed!


Anyway, he's a great guy. Cute, Intelligent and all that but

I can't imagine him as a singer. I have heard him sing, shower or not

but how will he dress? Hipster? Biker? Surfer? Hippie?

I just don't know….

So let's think about my life not his...

I get bullied often but he helps me through ittttttt.

Sorry, I just dropped my diary. Liam just ran to me and it fell out

of my hands. 

"Guess what?!" he said with so much excitement.

I didn't need to guess. He got through!

We jumped and smiled and shouted and everything!

I'm so happy for him!

"But…" he paused.

I started bitting my lips nervously because he has gone pale.

"But?" I asked

This gave him a little more encouragement.

"But so have Harry, Zayn,Louis and Niall…. We were put together

to form a boy band…"

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