Ordinary~ 1D FanFiction

Just an ordinary girl, in an ordinary street, In an ordinary town with an ordinary name gets a chance that no-one has. A true-love chance. At first she hates him and then they end up together….


5. Falling for you<3

Mackenzie's P.O.V

Liam might know all of my secrets

but he doesn't know my biggest one.

I like him alot. Not just as a friend though but

like a crush.

I hope he doesn't find out and goes mad and then

starts ignoring me. I only have 3 friends but Harry has started ignoring

me already because I said no when he asked me out.

I didn't know him that well.


Liam's P.O.V

I have secretly read her diary again.

I wrote on another page

" Dear Mackenzie,

Sorry for reading your diary again.

I couldn't help myself but I like you and I

want to know if your life is ok at home so I started reading it.

By saying I like you, I mean I love you.

Will you be my girlfriend? 

From Liam <3"

The next day she came up to me and smiled.

"Yes" she said.

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