What its like to be me



I hate myself then again I love myself why am I like this ? Why couldn't I be different? I feel so alone in this fucked up world there so many people out there that says mean things can I ignore it ? No it's on repeat in my head ugly fat,black why me? What did I every do anybody I don't understand why your nose like that flat they I try so hard to fix it but every time I look in mirror there's nothing that can be done I say to myself you are beautiful so what if my nose is like this so what if I'm fat so what if I'm black I'm so insecure people say it does get better no it dnt I have a bestfriend I mean I'm not jealous it's jus tht she lucky to have the things in life when she get stuff I feel a type of way why am I always competing Wiff her I needa stop so what if boys look at her I hate.

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