You're my serendipity. I wasn't looking for you. I wasn't expecting you. But I'm very lucky I met you. ~~~ When Hope causes a fuss at a One Direction concert, she ends up in a place she wasn't expecting, only not under the same conditions as she would've liked.


3. chapter 3

          Niall leads me to room that a bathroom and tells me he'll wait for me outside in the hall.

          I start by doing a little omg-i-just-met-niall-horan happy dance and a silent scream just to get my real feelings out of my system. After that's all said and done, I pick myself off the floor (yes, that's where I ended up) and begin by cleaning the mud off my legs. Then, I begin untangling what I can of that rat's nest I call hair, but ultimately, the curls cannot be tamed. I wash off my face and remove all the excess makeup.

            "Oh won't you staayyy with me, cause you're allll I need. This ain't lovee its clear to see but darling, stay with me." Singing is the only way to really calm myself down. Of course, it was just a whisper sing because you know, I don't want ANYONE hearing me. "Why am I so emotionalll? No its not a good look-" The room goes dead silent when I spot movement in the back of the room in the mirror. Slowly, I turn me head around but I see nothing. I stand up. "Hello?" I call out with a slight quiver in my voice. My breathing suddenly gets heavy and I get probably way more scared then I should've.

             "I didn't mean to frighten you..." The sound of Niall's voice eases my nervous feelings. A huge sigh of relief overflows me. "You have a lovely voice." Immediately, I turn as red as a tomato. He heard me. He's just saying that because he feels bad for me. "Oh.. you heard that?" I ask.

           "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to embarrass you. But yeah, I did. And you really do have a pretty voice." He says sweetly. "You don't have to say that." If I said I didn't i'd be lying." He's amazing.

          "So are you done here?" he asks and I snap back to reality. Newsflash, you still look horrible Carson. "Oh yeah sorry I took so long." "no problem." he replies.

          He leads me back into the hallway and begins walking the opposite direction of where we came in. "So, why exactly were one the one who 'caused the riot'?" He says and we both laugh. "Well, I make some youtube covers and you know I have a couple thousand subscribers but I would've never thought this would've happened."

          "That's so great to hear!" he says. "What do you mean? I kind of almost got kicked out of your show?" "No it's great because it would be a shame if a beautiful voice like yours went to waste." I smile at him and make some-what awkward eye contact.

         As we reach the end of the hall, we stop in front of a door with a 'One Direction' sign labeled on the front. "Ready to meet the rest of the boys?"

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