You're my serendipity. I wasn't looking for you. I wasn't expecting you. But I'm very lucky I met you. ~~~ When Hope causes a fuss at a One Direction concert, she ends up in a place she wasn't expecting, only not under the same conditions as she would've liked.


1. chapter 1

         It was just like any other normal day... ahhhah I'm totally kidding. It wasn't anything like any other day in the history of other days. It was absolute chaos. From picking out my outfit, to the journey there, all the way to the actual events of the concert. Yeah that's right, it's the day I go see 99% of the source that leads to my happiness, One Direction. Yep that's me, the 19 year old fangirl that can't grasp onto the fact that i'm an adult now, whatever.

        I guess I decided I would look cute, but that idea came spiraling down after my dog chewed up my favorite pair of converse that completed my whole "hipster" look. So instead, I wear a mint green skater skirt, a random pair of sandals, and my "I Hate Mondays" t-shirt. I curled my hair into loose whimsy curls, which seems to be the only thing im good at these days.

      I grab my keys and head out to my car. The venue is only about 3 blocks away, but there's a big storm cloud building and i'm not taking my chances on walking.

        NO! This can't be happening. My freaking car won't start! After throwing a fit and probably honking the car about 5 times, I let out a loud groan and slam my door shut. Looks like im walking.

        After I make the first block I think this isn't so bad. It's not raining, just a bit chilly. I'll be fine.

        Of course, I spoke too soon. The rain is pouring, my hair is soaked, my bare legs and feet are covered in mud. Too add to the stress, I'm already 20 minutes late. So what's supposed to be the best day of my life is turned out to be filled with Monday troubles on a Saturday.

        After fighting off Mother Nature, I finally make it to the huge arena, typically filled with huge football junkies and sweaty men talking major crap on the opponent. My seats weren't horrible. They were on the floor, row 11. As I begin to take a seat and wait for my other two friends i'm meeting, I feel a gigantic wave of relief flush over me. Yeah, that was short lived. It began with only a single picture and a fan telling me how much she enjoys my covers. Just like any other small town youtuber, I thank her for watching my videos, I hope I can continue to make her happy, the usual. It really didn't seem like a big deal, as I'm really not that big of a deal. I make some covers in my free time, so what?

         But then it all happened at once, swarms of girls asking for my picture, autographs, nothing I would've expected EVER. Of course, it was all so overwhelming, but I try to fulfill as many requests as possible. I was in total shock!

          Honestly, it became a bit dangerous. People pushing through, blinding lights, I mean almost the whole floor section was surrounding me. Eventually, security guards came and tried to fight some of the girls off, but it was no use.

       The next thing I know, i'm getting escorted off the floor, and into some unknown hallway behind the scenes.

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