Pretty Cure All Stars Turns Evil In Dark Planet

All members of Pretty Cure takes hikes and they ended up in Dark Planet. Dark Planet is Evil Planet. When innocent people steps into Dark Planet, they all turn evil. Then they go back to earth and pretend to be normal.
When Pretty Cure members enters, they have two transformation. Regular Pretty Cure transformation to act normal. Evil Pretty Cure transformation to turn world into evil.
In this story, everyone knows each other.


1. Natalie (Cure Black) speaking

My name is Natalie Blackstone, and student of  Private Verone Academy in Sakura Class with my best friends Hannah Whitehouse and Hikari Kujou. We're Precure fighting to protect both worlds.

We were having lunch at Akane's Okomiyaki stands when we got strange SOS.

"Hannah, Hikari"  I said. "Something is wrong in other Pretty Cure worlds.

"Yes, let's go!" Hannah and Hikari said.

"Have a good day." Akane and Hikaru said.

Soon we came by lake, and somehow we got transported into other world where this world was completely dark with dim lights.

"Where are we?" Hikari said.

"Let's explore it to see who called SOS." Hannah said.

"OK." Hikari and I said.

As we walked around, we saw SOS in dark forest.

"There's SOS in that forest." I said.

"Let's go rescue." we all said.

As we entered dark forest, we all felt evil spirit entered our bodies and we became evil.

"I feel evil, Hannah and Hikari." I said in evil voice.

"Me, too." Hannah and Hikari said in evil voice.

Then strange little girl appeared and said, "My name Evila and I am an Evil Princess. Welcome to Evil Dark Forest of Dark Planet which is created by Dark King's spirit."

"We must help retrieve Dark King and destroy Garden of Rainbow." we said evilly.

With spirit of Dark King Zakenna, Hannah and I transformed evilly to Dark Pretty Cure.

I and Hannah said together as we hold our hands, "Dual Auroa Wave Dark!" evilly.

I said evilly, "Emissary of Dark, Dark Cure Black."

Then Hannah said evilly, "Emissary of Dark, Dark Cure White."

"We're Dark Pretty Cure!"

Then Hikari said, "Darkend Life, Dark Luminous." and she transformed to Darkend Luminous, where her transformed dress turned into black instead.

"We must help Dark King and retrieve Dark King's accomplice."

"Excellent, Dark Cure Black, Dark Cute White and Dark Shiny Luminous." Evila said evilly. "I'll help you put to test in Garden of Rainbow Dimension but it will be no people since this is just dimension."

"Thank you, your Evil Highness." we said evilly.

"Evil Spirit of Evil Dark Forest, turn this forest into Garden of Rainbow."

Soon Evil Dark Forest turned into Garden of Rainbow where we came from.




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